Why might a person block sperm and what happens to it?

Why might a person block sperm and what happens to it?

Why might a person block sperm and what happens to it?

If you love the act of edging, you might be familiar with sperm blocking. Many men are, in fact, familiar with this technique that can aid you in having more pleasurable orgasms. Still, why do people block, and what happens in your body during that time? Let’s find out!

Why it happens

There are plenty of reasons why people block sperm. They can control some of them, while others are direct results of other procedures. People can choose to block sperm temporarily or permanently. So, let’s talk about why blocking happens and whether there are any harmful side effects.

Blocking sperm on purpose during sex

You’d be surprised by how many men actually do this, especially in the BDSM community. However, it’s not the community that requires them to block ejaculation. It’s the act of edging. Edging is a technique people use when they want to hold off or deny orgasms during sex. Anyone can do it during their solo sessions, but you do need a partner that can do the edging for you as well. 

This is also a great technique that people use to manage premature ejaculation. Plus, it can make orgasms more intense and pleasurable.  If this intrigued you, you may check out this LG lineup of sperm stoppers, and maybe you will enjoy it, too!


Anejaculation is, simply put, a man’s inability to ejaculate sperm. It is a condition you can both be born with and acquire later in life. Thankfully, it’s manageable and doesn’t affect a man’s ability to reproduce. 

The reasons for a man to have anejaculation include injuries, infections, surgeries, but also certain medications (for example, antidepressants). Having a condition like this doesn’t need to mean anything serious or bad. That’s because you can treat it if you treat the underlying condition. It is the type of thing you can’t really control, but you can visit your doctor to discuss options. 

Retrograde Ejaculation

Even though its name suggests, this condition has nothing to do with Mercury constantly being in retrograde – whatever that means. Much like anejaculation, retrograde ejaculation is a condition that affects a man’s ability to ejaculate sperm at all. In this case, the sperm goes into the bladder, mixes with urine, and that’s how it leaves the body. 

Other medical conditions are the usual causes of retrograde ejaculation, and doctors say there’s no real harm to one’s health. However, there could be slight fertility issues, although semen can be extracted from urine as well.


A vasectomy is probably the most effective form of birth control there is. How’s that? Well, if there’s no sperm to begin with, there can’t be a pregnancy either. During his procedure, the doctor blocks the tubes that carry sperm. So, technically, the sperm isn’t gone forever. It’s just not going out into your partner doing intercourse. 

Thankfully, vasectomies are reversible. That means whenever a man chooses to finally have a child, he can have a medical professional “untie” his tubes, and it will be like nothing ever happened. 

What happens in the body when a person blocks sperm from coming out?

Sperm blocking sounds as simple as holding your pee until you find a toilet to relieve yourself. However, it’s not like that at all. First of all, holding pee is harmful to you. On the other hand, sperm blocking does you no harm. 

Semen and sperm aren’t the same. In fact, sperm makes up only about 10% of semen. The rest is nutrients and vitamins that the body naturally produces. So, what happens when the sperm stays inside the body, you ask? Nothing! Well, two things can happen. Either your body will break it down and reabsorb it, or the body will release it during a wet dream. 

Even if the sperm remains inside the body, it can do you no harm. This means you can block until your heart’s content. Or can you? Let’s look at side effects, if there are any.

Are there side effects?

Let’s talk about side effects. It’s only natural to wonder if anything can happen to you while denying yourself a normal bodily function. Again, you’re in luck because you will suffer no harm. The body will reabsorb the sperm as it cannot build up inside. 

The only real issue here is blue balls. Holding off ejaculation for too long can result in mild to severe pain. We’re sure nobody wants to experience that. Well, unless being in pain is your kink, in which case, you can do whatever you desire. Just be sure to know that you shouldn’t push your limits.


Blocking sperm isn’t something many people do. Sadly, due to certain conditions or injuries, some people have no choice. Thankfully, holding off ejaculation can’t cause you any harm. The body can and will break down sperm, absorb it, and produce it again. The only thing that can harm you is blue balls.

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