Why Aliens Would Be Better Lovers

Why Aliens Would Be Better Lovers

Why Aliens Would Be Better Lovers

Why are we so fascinated with alien sex, and why do we often fantasize about kinky encounters that include probing, mind control, big green genitals, and out-of-this-world orgasms? Today, we’ll focus on a different type of UFO research and show you why aliens would be better lovers!

Sexual Beings 

Firstly, we are meant to mate and reproduce. That has always been part of the human genetic code. But, since sex is so pleasurable to us, we mainly use it to satisfy our urges and not only to fulfill our directive to procreate. Simply put, sex is one of the most fun and satisfying activities for humans. So is it possible that aliens enjoy it the same way? 

Well, if they’re not made of dust clouds or space sludge, and if their physiology is similar to ours, they could be horny as heck. In fact, we can assume that aliens have sexual habits and desires which are nearly identical to ours. That is, aliens could be total sluts! 

Also, since we’re so fascinated with alien sex, we could jump at the chance to hump each one of them. Hopefully, ETs might also want to bang us immediately after arrival! After all, they’ve been traveling through space for a long time to get here. All those nights in outer space aboard a cold ship could have made them extremely lonely. If they’re anything like us, it’s certainly possible that they may want to get their rocks off as soon as they land! Would you volunteer? And what if Area 51 is actually just a secret sex bunker for alien/human orgies? 

Their Physical Appearance is Different

Generally, we imagine alien life forms as powerful intergalactic monsters that look terrifying or bizarre. Most often, movies will portray them as gray or green humanoids with big eyes. ETs could also resemble slimy insect-like harbingers of death. If you look at alien porn, it typically shows extraterrestrials as tentacled reptilians or giants with gigantic appendages. Typically, they have a mission and a desire to probe/dominate us completely. While that certainly sounds interesting, we don’t really know what they look like for sure.

Are Alien Bodies Better?

In any case, we can imagine that alien bodies would be shaped for a planet that is different from ours. They could have unique physical configurations. Plus, they may have special cosmic pheromones that are much more potent than our own. Would they even be attracted to our scents, appearance, and sexual organs? What if they’re really gross, hairy, and smelly? And what if we smell like dinner to them instead of sex? Let’s not get too pessimistic here. There’s a chance that their bodies could allow them to have sex in numerous ways we’ve never seen before!

That is, sexual encounters with aliens could be much different compared to the good old in-and-out. The beings could have more than two arms, multiple tentacles, several penises, various orifices that feel good, etc. They could even have a body part intended for sex that we’ve never even seen before! What would you do with all of those sexual possibilities? Could we finally get to the bottom and discover the true purpose of black holes?

Still, aliens could look exactly like us, according to multiple predictions from scientists. If we share the same bodies, we might also share the same minds. In turn, that could bring some opportunities for human-alien relationships. But, since we’re mainly talking about sex here, you’ll definitely need to think about using protection. We simply can’t know the consequences. It’s best to avoid any unwanted human-alien pregnancies or STDs! You could be out of luck if you constantly fantasize about voluminous alien ejaculations and Bukakke gangbangs. 

Mental Abilities

For us, sex is constantly on our minds. We keep thinking about our desires, fantasies, and urges throughout the day. But what if aliens also think about dirty deeds all the time? Even better, could you imagine if they had telepathic abilities? How would they react if they were to read our minds and see the horrors that we keep in our spank banks? Let’s hope that they could use this information to pleasure us just the way we like it! 

Ultimately, that might take us to a future in which we’d never have to tell someone that we’re horny. The days of us begging our partner to fulfill our kinky fantasy could finally be over! Just think about it: aliens could read our thoughts and brainwaves to give us endless orgasms! And what would happen if they use mind-control to get what they want? There are probably millions of kinksters who are hoping for this kind of alien invasion. They could jump at the chance to be enslaved by extraterrestrials right now! Think about all the alien abduction sex experiments that could happen! 

Also, with advanced mental abilities, it’s hard not to think about aliens bringing some next-level sex tech. A space suit with self-pleasuring properties? No problem! What about self-penetrating space dildos, intelligent sex robots, and upgradeable biomechatronic penises or vaginas? To quote Philip J. Fry: “Shut up and take my money!”

Sex May Be Totally Different 

Of course, aliens could be highly sexual beings, but sex might mean something totally different to them. Would aliens even be into taboo relationships with us? Or would we disgust them? There’s always the question of bestiality. They might not be comfortable with being intimate with us if they see us as inferior beings. But what if they came here specifically with the goal of finding a race that they could enslave for sex? That’s not a bad doomsday scenario at all!

However, even if aliens share similar sexual habits with us, they may not express them in the same way. For example, penetration might not be an option. If they’re highly advanced and have telepathic abilities, they could have sex with their thoughts and without any physical touch. There’s always the other side of the coin, though. They could be sexually inexperienced, and we could train them to fulfill our ultimate desires! Would this be the best-case scenario? 

Gender Switching Lovers 

On our home planet, we only have a couple of genders. But what if aliens had many other genders? Could they have some kind of body that allows them to have several genders? What about the special abilities of gender-switching? Could they switch their genitals and physical attributes on command for a better experience? One minute, you could see a mammoth alien dong only to have it transform into a juicy and tight vagina-like orifice in the next! Or maybe they’re an anal-only kind of race?  

If we witness something like that, it could end our struggle with sexual orientations and gender fluidity. Imagine if their civilization is actually a gender-less utopia where sex is not based on the type of genitals you’re born with. What if aliens don’t judge based on gender and sexual identity? That brings up a whole list of related questions. They could help us to end gender struggles and make everyone equal! 

See the difference between sexual orientations and gender fluidity

There’s also the question of race. How would our cultures appear to aliens? Would they even know the difference between humans, mice, cows, and machines? What if they prefer dolphins? 

The Bottom Line

In the end, we can only fantasize about alien sex, and we’ll never truly try it until another race visits us. But, as you’ve seen, aliens could have numerous sexual advantages over us, and they could pleasure us in ways we’ve never even dreamed of!

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