What makes exophilia an interesting fetish for most people

What makes exophilia an interesting fetish for most people

What makes exophilia an interesting fetish for most people

Exophilia is quite interesting, and it is one of the rarer fetishes out there. Here, we will go through some of the most important exophilia facts and ways to enjoy yourself if you are someone with this kink. 

Introducing: Exophilia

You are probably aware that there are unusual fetishes out there. Some people like feet; others are into butts, hair, or wearing heels. But did you know that there are those who are into aliens? Exophilia fetish is a term used to describe attraction to extraterrestrials. A common name for it is the alien fetish, and people with this kink desire to have sex with aliens. It is as simple as that. 


There are different types of this kink, and each person might have their own preferences. For some, exophilia refers to attraction to non-human life forms. It is worth mentioning that non-human life forms usually refer to creatures from other planets that don’t exist in real life. At least no one is aware of them yet. 


Attraction to animals and objects doesn’t fall in this category. It is solely reserved for aliens. What is interesting is that the term appeared for the first time in the book Extraterrestrial Sex Fetish by Supervert. And since it is a work of fiction that appeared in a literary work, it isn’t recognized by APA (American Psychiatric Association) as a paraphilia. This is just the beginning of interesting alien fetish facts. 

It Involves Unusual Things

For many people, thinking about sex is usually related to genitalia. They think of penises, vaginas, and other body parts that are considered sexual. But exophilia involves a lot more unusual things. And this is expected. Having sex with an alien is not similar to doing it with a human. At least, that’s what people with this kink think. 


They see it as a way to explore different fantasies and scenarios since it is the only way to satisfy their fetish. So, what can you expect to see here? Usually, you can just think about famous SF movies, and it will give you an idea of what to expect. 


In their fantasies, people imagine being abducted, experimented on, and having sex with little blue ones. Of course, if you have a scenario that is similar to the Alien franchise, it can involve alien eggs, impregnation, tentacles, and so much more. Naturally, these are just one of many examples, and each person will have their own perfect scenario they will imagine. 

People Expand Their Imagination

Imagination is the key to exophilia since it is not something you can experience in real life. At least not yet. So, the only way to indulge your fantasies is through role-playing and sex toys. This is an excellent way to expand your imagination and try out things that would otherwise be impossible. 


And there is nothing wrong with it. After all, a person with exophilia is not hurting anyone. If they are playing with their partner, nothing should be a problem as long as everything is consensual. 


As you might know, role-playing opens a whole new world of possibilities. It gives you a chance to become a part of something incredible that people dream about. And while everything is still just a part of their imagination, it is a nice way to explore their kinks. Fortunately, there are many ways to try out exophilia even though our civilization hasn’t advanced enough to try it out with real aliens.

People Don’t Have Much Access to It

Exophilia is a new kink, and the book we mentioned, Extraterrestrial Sex Fetish, was published in 2001. This means that it is still a growing kink, and people don’t have much access to it. And this can be a problem for some people.


If there is no chance to fulfill fantasies, it can lead to frustration and various life problems. Naturally, one of the biggest issues with exophilia is that someone with this kink won’t be able to see real aliens when they go out. 


The only way they can enjoy themselves is through role-playing and the use of sex toys. And it is worth mentioning that these toys are still rare. There is a high chance you won’t be able to find something similar in your local sex shop. 

How to Experience Exophilia the Best Way Possible

So, what are your options? The most obvious choice would be to explore role-playing with your partner. Finding an alien suit shouldn’t be too hard, and there are many stores that offer them. From there on, all you need to do is work on different scenarios that sound good to you. 


But what happens if you are not able to role-play with someone? Well, there is a great solution for that too. There are many companies that design fantasy sex toys you can use. Mainly, there are alien dildos with intricate designs and colors. These companies focus on creating something that could easily pass as an alien penis, and the popularity keeps growing. 


The other option is to go for alien eggs. You can also find dildos that are able to release tiny eggs on command, which is perfect for those dreaming of being impregnated by aliens. It all comes down to your fantasy and what you are willing to try out. As the sex market keeps growing, there is a high chance that you will be able to find a perfect toy to satisfy your fetish.

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