What Is Teratophilia?

What Is Teratophilia?

What Is Teratophilia?

Were you ever attracted to deformed or monstrous villains from horror movies or even scary books or games? If you secretly wanted to “hit” that monster, allow us to explain that this is a common kink! It can bring you a sigh of relief, especially if you’ve ever fantasized about getting raped by Thanos or if you’ve always wanted to bang Maleficent! So what is teratophilia, and how does it work? Let’s find out!


Monsters are terrifying to most people, while others can look at them in another light and get lots of sexual pleasure from teratophilia. This is a type of sexual paraphilia that focuses on the love and fetishization of monsters. That includes inhuman creatures like Bigfoot, the Kraken, Godzilla, the Babadook, aliens, and more. The term actually combines two words in Greek, which mean “monster” (τέρας) and “love” (φιλία).

Generally, most scholars consider teratophilia a fetish. However, some fans believe it to be much more complex than a standard kink. To teratophilia lovers, it allows them to transcend society’s beauty standards. Many claim that it’s a way for them to form sexual attractions to creatures or people that are commonly seen as “unusual.” Teratophiliacs are also attracted to deformed people. Some scholars suggest that teratophilia functions as a fantasy of escape for past traumas. However, there’s much more to it.

When focusing on the kink itself, it can play out in various fantasies. That can include enslavement, domination, and even rape. Other fantasies could include sex with the monster’s unnaturally large penis. Also, some could fantasize about getting impregnated by the monster and carrying its eggs. In it’s mildest form, teratophilia also encompasses sex with vampires, werewolves, and other supernatural creatures that resemble humans.

Teratophilia Porn

Monster porn became a trend around 2017 and 2018. Users on Tumblr shared erotica that focused on various monsters. It included any detailed stories or graphic portrayals of sex with various creatures from the Boogeyman to Frankenstein’s monster, Pennywise from Stephen King’s “It,” and more.

It was also a trend to release erotica based on popular monsters from the newest movies like Venom or The Shape of Water. The monster in this movie is the Amphibian Man. Sex toy manufacturers caught wind of this trend and released dildos that recreated the Amphibian Man’s genitalia. This could tell you something about the growing popularity of teratophilia.

As mentioned before, there are tons of porn on this subject, and it’s found all over sites like Reddit and Pornhub. The reason why there’s so much porn on it is that the fetish simply can’t be performed in real life. That’s why you can find all sorts of alien egg fetish videos, alien sex animations, devil/demon gangbangs, etc. Another popular type of teratophilia is tentacle sex. This fetish is at least 300 years old, and it originated in Japan. It’s also one of the most-covered themes in porn when it comes to monster themes.

The Psychology Behind It

Like we’ve said, there are two ways to go about analyzing teratophilia. One way is purely sexual. To put it simply, people could be attracted to monsters because they are simply unnatural. That could be highly kinky. Monsters are also evil, dominant, and have detailed mythology connected to them. What’s more, they possess unnatural body parts like fangs, large penises, and slimy tentacles. If the fetish is entirely sexual, it can mainly fall under BDSM. Many submissive or dominant individuals can practice it or watch porn based on the subject.

However, there’s also the other side that uses teratophilia as a way to express their love for people or creatures that aren’t normally accepted in society. When it comes to the psychology behind teratophilia, it may surprise you to know that the kink is most popular with heterosexual women. How come? 

Well, psychologists believe that the fetish allows women to forget about patriarchy and gender norms. Monsters are highly masculine, but they don’t share much in common with men. It’s a different type of animalistic and primal masculinity that is strong and powerful, and that’s why it appeals to some women. Psychiatrists also believe that women could use this fetish to solve past relationship issues.

Another psychological reason is that people could simply be turned on by the mystery of getting fucked by monsters. There is no true way to know how it feels since monsters are not real. Plus, since they’re big and scary, teratophiliacs could enjoy all the fear and anticipation that this fetish could give them.

Satisfying Someone With Teratophilia

So far, we know that monsters don’t exist, and that’s why there’s no way to try out sex with monsters for real. However, we’ve mentioned some popular ways in which people enact this fetish. If your partner has this fetish, there are several things that you could try. Also, if you wish to experiment with some monster play on your own, definitely check it out because it might push your buttons in the right way.

As stated, monster play can involve roleplay sex and the use of BDSM tools, monster costumes, masks, etc. It’s almost always about a submissive (human) and a dominant (monster). If you’re the monster, you will have to learn how to behave like one and forget your human side.

Aside from role play, there is truly a wide range of sex toys with a monster theme. The most famous are dragon, tentacle, or alien dildos and similar devices. Moreover, there are many other sex toys, like dildos that can lay fake eggs inside you.


Now that you know all about teratophilia, you can proceed with your fetish safely, or you can satisfy your teratophiliac partner with some of the tips we’ve included. Have fun!

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