What Are The Things To Consider When Looking For The Perfect Butt Plug For Roleplay

What Are The Things To Consider When Looking For The Perfect Butt Plug For Roleplay

What Are The Things To Consider When Looking For The Perfect Butt Plug For Roleplay

Choosing is always a real headache. When it comes to anal plug for married couples, it requires experience, and some personal judgment. Of course, you cannot buy it on a simple whim. You have to know what each other wants so that it does not end up in the bottom of the drawer.

An anal plug is a sex toy in conical shape that is inserted into the anus to stimulate it. A sex toy that is commonly used to prepare for anal sex penetration, so you get used to the feeling. Its purpose is not only to stimulate the anus or vagina. It is also used to psychologically prepare you for when you are about to have sex with someone who likes it a little bit rough.

It’s the reason why you need to consider the following when buying the perfect butt plug.


For beginners, plugs of size “small” of 2.5 cm in diameter are recommended. In fact, your choice should be towards anal plugs of small sizes or just a little bigger than your finger. A plug that is too big would be uncomfortable for you as a novice.

Once comfortable with the size “small”, you can use the size “medium”, 2.5 cm to 5 cm type Rosebud. It can replace the small anal plug that you previously used and can be put in place for hours. For regulars, an “extra large” anal plug with a diameter of more than 5 cm will do. In this case, the penetration is very limited because of its large diameter.


It is recommended to always choose a good quality anal plug because if you buy a low-end plug, you could have small inflammations in your anus. In addition, a good quality plug does not mean a plug too expensive. There are good quality plugs at affordable prices but also very high-end plugs at very high prices. Prices can vary from a few euros up to more than $100.


Anal plugs come in different shapes. You will have to choose from plugs that are smooth, textured, less elongated, rounded or ringed or like the nipple according to your desires.

Who is it for?

Butt plugs for women have shapes that are long and thin or swollen, elongated forms to stay in place in the anus. They can keep them for several hours under their underwear and can go to work or go shopping as usual.

There are also anal plugs in the shape of raspberries colored in pink. For men, there are special forms dedicated to prostate stimulation from inside the anus. There are also pomegranate plugs for them.

Materials used

Silicone or jelly: these are soft and flexible materials. They feel neutral. Silicone is also extensible and very comfortable, even for novices. Medical silicone is very popular because it is hypoallergenic but also very soft, tender and rigid at the same time.

Stainless Steel/Metal: Anal plugs in stainless steel, steel, or surgical aluminum are robust and heavy for the most experienced.

Glass Anal plugs: are strong and durable. Glass plugs are smooth and can be heated or cooled as desired.

Finally, there are now plugs made with materials that are very close to human skin. It provides a close-to-similar sensation of getting penetrated by a penis.

Butt Plugs for specific fetish

It will also depend on your tastes and desires that would determine the choice of your anal plug. You will have to choose vibrating or simple anal plugs, but also inflatable plugs. There are models of anal plug vibrators that can also massage the prostate of the man to quickly have orgasm, just like how robotic-looking dildo does its magic. These can allow abundant ejaculation that you will love.

Simple vibrating patterns also exist. They produce programmed vibration to surprise its user, and its intensity and frequency are adjustable. These are very pleasant sex toys that provide intense sensations.

There are inflatable models of anal plugs to alternate classic models. In short, you must think carefully before choosing an anal plug. It is better to choose good quality butt plugs to avoid the inconvenience it can bring you. The prices are very varied but it’s up to you to find a compromise for your insurance. For more information about butt plugs, click here.

Butt plug is an intimate device that gives fullness in the anus. With its help, you can prepare for anal sex, narrow the woman’s vagina, and massage the prostate to a man. Anal plugs with rhinestones or tails are used to decorate the body. How to make a butt plug for personal use? Let’s see how the models differ and what to look for when buying.

Butt plug

A special sex toy for the anus is called an anal plug. This device is inserted into the body and gives a feeling of fullness. Since there are a lot of sensitive endings in the anus area, the use of a special intimate object gives a strong arousal.

Butt plug consists of three parts: the immersion part, which can be of different shapes narrow legs and stopper. The size of each part varies greatly. The form depends on the destination.

Butt plug can be used in pairs. It is suitable for use by both men and women. Millions of plug models are sold worldwide every year. Most often they are used for the following purposes:

For a feeling of fullness: When an object is in the anus, excitement occurs. This is a pleasant sensation that helps to tune in to intimacy or masturbation. And the introduction of the device can be a very exciting process.

To prepare for anal sex: When the anus is used to a foreign object, you will eventually get used to it and feel no pain. If you leave the cork for 5-15 minutes in the body, then in the future anal sex would be easier, and will be more pleasureable.

For wearing and getting pleasure in any places: Butt plug can be used at work, walk or in the gym. It’s nice to feel that there is something inside. Today there are even models with remote control where the vibrate feature is turned on without touching the sex toy. Quiet motors can cause a bright orgasm, but no one around will guess about its cause.

For double penetration effect: When the anal plug is placed in the anus of a woman, the vagina is narrowed. As a result, vaginal sex gives the lady much more pleasure, and your man feel the difference. This is especially true for women with stretched muscles after childbirth or injury. This can give the woman the feeling of being double penetrated which is an exciting experience.

For fisting or expansion: The feeling of stretching is an incredible pleasure, and the cork allows you to get such experiences. There are even expanding models that are ideal for fisting.

The best thing about roleplaying is that you get to explore different sides of yourselves. You also get to experience new types of sexual excitement and have fun, all at the same time! However, getting into your role but not taking it too seriously can be a real challenge sometimes. If you don’t do it right, it can get creepy, way too funny, or just weird. 

That’s why dressing up and using sex toys can be extremely helpful in creating the roleplay you wanted. When you’re trying to get into the role of a kitten, a puppy, or a spoiled child, every detail matters. So if you want to try it out, here are some ideas on how to get started.

How to Achieve the Princess-Look With a Princess Butt Plug 

There’s more than one reason you should use butt plugs in your play. For instance, these sex toys are fantastic for getting ready for any type of anal play and getting horny. But that’s not their only purpose. 

Wearing a butt plug can also be seen as a reminder of who’s to be obedient and good and who’s in charge. For that reason, it’s perfectly fitting to use them for roleplay that involve an exchange of power. 

And one more important thing — there are various types of butt plugs you can use in different roleplays. So if you want to try out DDLG or an age play in which a submissive takes the role of a Daddy’s little princess, jeweled butt plugs can be fantastic accessories to help you create the princess-like look.

These go perfectly with different outfits and other sex toys you could use for your princess play. For example, you can put on a heart-shaped butt plug, a collar with pink zircons, and long socks with purple ribbons, and you’re ready to start! 

But don’t forget to do your hair as well, or to ask Daddy to do it for you! 

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