Cock Sounding: The Best Way To Do It For Maximum Pleasure

Cock Sounding: The Best Way To Do It For Maximum Pleasure

Cock Sounding: The Best Way To Do It For Maximum Pleasure

There are several abilities we as humans possess that make us different from animals. We have complex language, we can self-reflect, and we have complex reasoning. With our power of the mind, we can be hypothetical and wonder about countless what-ifs. You look at history and ask yourself, “what if Persians conquered Greece?” That’s alternate history! You look at a piece of wood and ask yourself, “what if I could make sound from that?” That’s producing instruments! You look at your pee hole and ask yourself, “what if… What if I put stuff in it?” That, my good people, is cock sounding!

Urethral play consists of using specially-designed sex toys for penis insertion. Once you get past the “what the hell, no, that’s insane!” phase, and you put those little jokers in, your penis will become even more sensitive, and you’ll experience intense orgasms you previously didn’t think were possible! We’re about to answer all your questions about penis sounding for beginners, sounding with household items, and others related to cock stuffing! However, the most critical part is the safety of it all, starting with lube.

The Types of Lubricant for Better Urethral Sounding

In essence, urethral sounding became a thing by accident. It was a normal medical procedure, where a nurse would use a urethral sounding rod to clear any obstruction in the urethra. The urethra, if you don’t know, is that tube inside your soldier that allows urine to leave the bladder. One day, a nurse was doing the procedure, and a guy unexpectedly went, “Go on, baby, that’s the spot!” From that day on, it was a form of sexual play. As its origin suggests, it’s incredibly important to make sure everything is safe and… sound.

Our urethra goes past the most sensitive nerves in our genitals, particularly the glans (Female urethra touches the G spot and clitoris). When you put a sound inside your urethral opening, you make your nerves stand up and sing a hymn! If you use a long-enough rod (you little rascal!), you will be able to touch the bladder and stimulate the prostate, making your sexual pleasure genuinely one of a kind. But to do that, you have to use lube, lube, lube!

Once you’ve made sure everything is clean and sterilized, you should apply lubricant to both your penis and the toy. Since this type of sexual activity can last for a while, and it’s challenging to reapply constantly, you should use long-lasting lube. Additionally, the lube has to be sterile for obvious reasons. All three most common types of lube (water-, oil-, and silicone-based) are fine, as long as they don’t contain any glycerin. Glycerin can cause UTIs (urinary tract infections), so your best bet is to use surgical lube — ones that doctors apply when they sound you for medical reasons. Finally, don’t resort to saliva, as it dries up fast, and can cause all kinds of troubles.

How Should Sounding Feel Like?


Now, this question is a critical one. Yes, as we’ve said in our opening, we differ from animals by, among other things, complex imagination. And you can think about what it could be like, but you don’t really know until you try it. That also provides an important input because you will be able to tell if something’s going wrong. So what does sounding feel like?

Basically, there are two sensations that penis sounding provides — that of pleasure and that of pain. Depending on what you’re into, you can steer the ship in one direction or the other. At first, it will feel strange because it’s not something you do, and there are a lot of penis muscles that exist to push things (urine and semen) out of the urethra. Until you get used to it (which many pro sounders say it’s more of a psychological thing), it’ll be… well, it’ll be weird, to put it simply. 

Essentially, your erect penis will be way more sensitive with a sound in it, and even light masturbation will provide an intense sensation. It should sting a bit (if you’re into it), but make sure it doesn’t hurt too much. If it does, take it out immediately. Make sure you do it slowly and gently, going in bit by bit, and make sure you don’t hurt yourself. After you’re done with it, you will feel a burning sensation while peeing. That is normal and temporary.

Using Household Items to Perform Urethral Sounding

The main point of gratification during urethral sounding is when the toy reaches the prostate and stimulates it intra-urethrally (not fully sure if that’s a proper word, but you get the idea). And although you’ll shyly start off with a smaller one, you’ll eventually work up an appetite and get to the one that tickles you deeply. So if your goal is to have something long enough to touch your prostate, then anything long and thin does the job, right? Wrong!

As we’ve already said a few times, penis sounding is highly pleasurable, but it does come with certain risks. That’s why it’s paramount you do it safely. Aside from UTIs, improper sounding can cause ruptures in your urethra and unusual discharge. On top of that, you can have color changes in your pecker pal, as well as swelling and bleeding. Consequently, you can easily end up having to go on a trip to the E.R. Then, the only reason you won’t feel embarrassed is that you’ll focus on the excruciating pain! While it’s definitely cheaper to use any old thing lying around the house, it’s simply not safe enough. You can cause yourself so much damage.

But let’s say you’re feeling pretty confident and decide to press on with it regardless. Nobody can tell you what to do, and you can play your own kinky version of Space Invaders however you like. But, unlike sounds specially designed for this, most household items can’t massage your prostate and stimulate you efficiently. And the worst thing that can happen is taking the thing out, not fully satisfied, and realizing it was bigger before you put it in. What?! You’ll probably be wondering.  You can still for for your household items and risk it or you can buy one now at

Can Urethral Sound Get Lost Inside the Penis?

And we shall respond! The thought of losing your sound inside your penis is like a horror version of hide-and-seek. The fact is, it is entirely possible, and what’s more, it’s not that uncommon. But you have to keep in mind, the urethra is relatively small — it has its beginning (bladder) and end (pee hole), so the sound can’t go wandering about your body like it’s a theme park. The bladder itself is difficult to reach, so the sound will most likely still remain in your penis.

If that happens, you mustn’t panic (although, to be fair, it’s probably inevitable the first time it does). You should grab your cock by the shaft and feel the toy inside. After that, it’s just about getting it back up. Imagine a quarter’s slipped down a hole of your pocket, and now you’re trying to get it to return without falling further down the leg. If you’re unable to do it on your own, consult your doctor immediately. Don’t be like that one guy who had tweezers in his penis for four years!

The Types of Urethral Sound Texture and How It Would Feel

First of all, you should differentiate sounds from penis plugs. Penis plugs stay inside your penis during sex (regardless of whether your partner is another human or your hand). A plug does the job of making the penis more sensitive, and it has ridges so that it doesn’t fall out. If you’re just starting out, we recommend going with plugs at first to get used to the whole ordeal.

With sounds, they usually come in three different materials: stainless steel (titanium), plastic, and silicone. Obviously, these three work differently. Stainless steel is the safest when it comes to cleanliness. Additionally, since it’s not flexible, it’s easier to insert it, as it will slide in voluntarily. While silicone and plastic are more difficult to get in, once inside, their flexibility provides you with ways to maneuver the toy and crank up the heat, so to speak.

As for the length of it, they usually come between three and six inches. Most commonly, when you order urethral sounds, you will get a set of them, so you can start with the smaller ones and work your way up. A tip: don’t start with the smallest one because it can cause ruptures if you don’t know exactly what you’re doing. We measure the girth in millimeters, and the difference in girth has the same obvious advantages as the length does.

When it comes to texture, it can be completely smooth (perfect for beginners). Additionally, they can be studded, wavy, or ribbed. As you can imagine, they cause different sensations as they stimulate your urethra differently. Novices should go for a sound with a tapered tip, as you can easily insert it, and it will spread your urethra only slightly. Have fun rummaging around!

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