Urethral Sounding: The Best Way To Do It For Maximum Pleasure

Urethral Sounding: The Best Way To Do It For Maximum Pleasure

Urethral Sounding: The Best Way To Do It For Maximum Pleasure

Vaginal lips may be too small for some women. These labia can sometimes be non-existent; it is in this case atrophy of the vulva.This absence of the large vaginal lips accentuates the size of the labia minora. Thus, some women, rightly, consider their sex as unsightly. This can foster a complex that can resurface in their intimate lives.

This unsightly appearance of the lips of the vulva is corrected by a lipo-filling procedure of the vaginal lips. Vaginal lipo-filling can give volume to the labia majora in a natural way. The procedure consists of giving volume to the labia majora in thickening with the patient’s own fat.

The lipo-filling procedure of the lips of the vulva takes place in two stages. First of all, the surgeon removes fat from areas of the body where there is a small overload. This fat will be, then, purified before being re-injected on the large vaginal lips. The technique of lipo-filling allows obtaining a natural thickening of the labia minora without any foreign body, nor any risk of allergy because the fat comes from the patient herself.

The result is immediate, the big lips of the vagina are redrawn and the vulva finds all its harmony and all its sensuality.

The vagina: this mysterious cavity that men and women know badly. Hidden by the vulva, it is part of female sexual organs.

Can the vagina be too big or too small for a penis?

The vagina has a length of 8 cm on average, with variations according to women ranging from 4 to 14 cm. Some women sometimes fear that it is not long or wide enough to contain a penis. Nature is well made: the anatomy of the vagina allows it to accommodate the male sex. It is very stretchable and during sexual arousal, the vaginal length increases to 12 cm on average. It is a virtual cavity, whose walls are contiguous and creased. They are able to adapt to a tampon, a finger, the diameter of the penis, or even to the baby’s head during childbirth.

The vagina can widen after several deliveries. The perinea reeducation is then indicated since it is not only used to reduce urinary leakage, but also to find sexual sensations. One learns to strengthen the muscles of the perineum, a muscle hammock extending from the pubis, forward, to the anus. It consists of superficial muscles, one of which surrounds the vagina, and deeper of the levator muscle of the anus. It serves to prevent defecation, but it also encloses the lower third of the vagina. Perinea rehab will learn to better contract these muscles, which will be put into practice around the penis during intercourse. With the key, more pleasure!

Does the G-point really exist?

Anatomically, it does not exist, it’s very clear, a gynecologist and sexologist, afterwards, clinically, some women have a particular sensitivity of this area to pressure, but not to friction: coitus drives up sexual arousal. This sensitivity of the anterior wall of the vagina wall located at the front of the vagina, the belly side is not found in all women. She learns through sexual experiences or curiosity.

Currently, what emerges, even if we have no scientific certainty, we talk about the clitorid-urethro-vaginal complex, says the sexologist. This complex is composed of the clitoris, which has an inner part with two large horns enclosing the vagina, from the anterior part of the vagina, to what was called the G-spot, the urethra, the duct through which the urine leaves, which is provided with numerous vascular-nervous complexes of vessels and nerves, and finally glands located on both sides of the urethra.

This would explain why all women do not enjoy the same way. Since the clitoris has two large horns encircling the vagina, there would be something that stimulates the clitoris, with a call for blood. This is what gives the feeling of pleasure during penetration and explain how the vagina can be a starting point of orgasm.

Is vaginal orgasm superior to clitoral orgasm?

Freud harmed female sexuality by calling clitoral orgasm immature. Many women have complexes by not being able to enjoy during penetration. No offense to Dr. Freud, it turns out that the internal root of the clitoris intervenes in the pleasure felt during penetration. The vagina could be an orgasmic point of departure, thanks to the clitoral-utero-vaginal complex, says the sexologist, the coitus would promote an influx of blood into the complex, which would potentially trigger an orgasm.

But whether the pleasure comes from the clitoris or vagina, what does it matter as long as it is present? There is no bad way to enjoy, confirms the sexologist. Every woman develops feelings along her path and she can expand according to his curiosity.

She insists on one essential point: the perineum and the capacity to use the perinea muscles are absolutely fundamental in the feeling of pleasure via her vagina. As this one does not have receivers sensitive to friction what the penetration does, it is necessary to be owner of his perineum and to play it to increase the sexual pleasure during the penetration.

Can a woman feel nothing during penetration?

Some women complain of not taking pleasure in penetration. That is why they most of these women use sex toys instead, especially vibrators. If you want to try it out, go and buy one now at Lustplugs.com. Certainly, the vagina is a little innervated area. Only one-fifth of the vagina has innervations that make it sensitive to temperature and touch But several other parameters explain this situation:

If she does not feel anything, it is because she did not understand that to feel something during the penetration; you have to go get it and develop sensations by pumping the penis, moving his pelvis and contracting the perineum, explain the sexologist.If she makes the starfish, nothing happens!

In addition, depending on the starting point of the orgasm, the feelings are different: the orgasm vaginal starting point is deeper, less explosive, with a feeling of relief and no refractory period.The clitoral orgasm has higher sounds, with a sense of fireworks. There is a refractory period like men, with a time when another orgasm is impossible; some women can play with both types of orgasms.

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