The Anal Probe: the Common Denominator in Alien Abductions

The Anal Probe: the Common Denominator in Alien Abductions

The Anal Probe: the Common Denominator in Alien Abductions

Throughout human history, tales of paranormal and unexplainable have always drawn the interest of many. The need to understand our existence and life itself remains present in all of us. No matter how curious or not, we somehow find the time to ask ourselves one question that predates every other — are we even alone in the galaxy?

Although none of these questions have a simple answer, different minds came up with various explanations and theories. Some seem rather shallow, but others require serious concentration and a dose of faith. And even if science seems to explain everything these days, the alien phenomena is still a topic of much debate and controversy. But why are anal probes so prominent in extraterrestrial tales?

It’s rather interesting how the rectal examination of human bodies seems to be present in every other story of alien abduction. It’s no wonder why some find this specific detail inspirational for kinky sex. Nonetheless, it seems like it’s always lurking around the corner. We even dare say that it’s a common denominator for tales of close encounters with the others.

So let’s delve a bit into alien experiments on humans and the truth behind it. In a world full of disbelief, talking about extraterrestrial abductions seems like a pretty reasonable thing to do. Therefore, follow us on this journey through the outer limits and answer your favorite question — How did anal probes become associated with alien abduction?

Reasons to Believe That UFOs Are Real

Even if theories about alien life are dime a dozen, it’s quite believable that not all of them are a hoax. Various papers, photos, and video footage of UFO sightings pop up almost every other month. Sure, most are montages that don’t add up to anything at all, but you can’t ridicule all of them.

As of late 2019, the Pentagon acknowledged the existence of a covert military program meant to watch over us. But no — it’s not your classic air defense agency. The Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP) is all about Unidentified Flying Objects. It’s been active since 2007, starting with a $22 million budget.

But besides the footage and the AATIP, there are plenty more hypotheses and reasons why aliens are real. Have we been searching long enough? They could be millions of light-years from us. Also, could they be deceased by now? Or are they just not as advanced as we think they are?

A Background of Alien Abductions

The history of extraterrestrial life and stories of alien abductions go way back in time. Various investigators claim such traces predate the modern era we live in today. But the mainstream alien abduction phenomenon rose to prominence in the ‘50s and ‘60s.

Skeptics claim that these stories are mostly made up of science fiction movies and pulp fiction tales from that period. During the post-WWII era, pop culture was full of flying saucers. As technology began advancing rapidly, ideas of all kinds were rousing everyone’s imagination. The modern sci-fi genre was making its way to the mainstream.

One of the first reports of such activities came in the late 19th-century in California. Colonel Shaw and his friend came in contact with tall humanoid creatures. They claimed that these unearthly beings attempted to abduct them, but they fought back.

Later, in the ‘50s, it all blew up again. From US soldier stories to ordinary spooky tales in sci-fi magazines. People were beginning to open up to the possibility of extraterrestrial life and alien abductions.

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Why Would They Even Want to Look There?

Although many like to joke around about anal probes — “They came to conquer Uranus!” — it’s pretty believable that aliens would want to look “where the sun don’t shy.” See, if they are so into science, why wouldn’t they perform experiments? After all, your stool can reveal more than you’d think.

Sure enough, violation of your rectum is pretty much rape. But aliens don’t care for our feelings or what we consider acceptable or not. They’re here for all kinds of info we didn’t even know we possess. Therefore, the theory of visiting Earth to check your back door is fine by us. Okay, not fine, but we can understand why’d they go for it.

Other Tests Done on Humans

Unfortunately, anal probing is not all potential alien abductees go through. These alien guys are much nastier than you’d think. Tales of extraterrestrial experiments on humans contain all sorts of mischief. From lucid and false memories to female impregnation, you can hear almost anything.

One of the most famous cases is the story of Betty and Barney Hill. They were allegedly abducted by aliens in 1961. Both were examined and would later see aliens in their dreams. Others claimed they were mutilated, while some talk about impregnation.

But besides these horrific stories, some argue their encounters with aliens were pretty friendly. Somewhat similar to “E.T.” or other family-friendly tales. Those tales talk about humans capturing being from other planets and experimenting with them. You know, something similar to Area 51 conspiracies.

All in all, the reasons to believe are there. It’s up to you to find them credible. And if by any chance you experience an abduction, wouldn’t that be one Hell of a ride? Maybe Tom DeLonge of Blink-182 was right all along, and there’s something in the backroom for real (pun intended).

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