Reasons to Believe That Aliens Are Real

Reasons to Believe That Aliens Are Real

Reasons to Believe That Aliens Are Real

We Want to Believe

We have always been interested in the unknown, asking questions such as: Is there something more to this life? Are we alone, or is another life form planning on visiting us?

When we look to outer space, we sometimes hope to see a sign of alien life, if only to make our lives slightly different and exciting. Extraterrestrial life has always been something at the back of our minds. In fact, about half the world’s population believes that there is life out there in the stars. Sci-Fi may have gotten some things right — maybe aliens are just waiting or are on their way for a quick “Hello!”

Humanity’s Obsession With Alien Life

Humans have always had a curiosity about aliens. From Ellen Ripley fighting off aliens to fantasy porn and alien sex, the range is wide. There could be several reasons for this, such as:

  • The idea that there is more to Earth
  • The questionings and stories of alien abductions
  • They could mirror us — how we view our world from an outside perspective or how we would react to it.
  • A desire to have sex scenes like in alien porn

The list can be endless. But, it can boil down to the curiosity and fear of “The Other.” Or ourselves…

Documented UFOs That Were Never Explained

Many have reported UFO (Unidentified Flying Objects) sightings throughout the years. However, many of these sightings usually have a logical and reasonable explanation behind them. Those saucers are typically weather balloons, planes, or other manmade things, not alien civilizations space traveling to spy on us.

However, the search for extraterrestrial intelligence out in the stars is never-ending, and some UFO sightings do not currently have reasonable explanations.

One of these examples happened in 2004. Namely, two Navy fighter jets going by the names Super Hornets came across a fleet of spinning, flying, glowing objects. When the two Navy fighter jets got closer, the object flew away with such speed that nothing on Earth could hope to match it.

Another sighting reportedly took place in 2013 when a retired astronaut was looking up at the night sky. He claimed to have seen a few quite large, orange orbs. Their brightness did not change as it would with a meteor, and their speeds were slower than a meteor but faster than an aircraft.

The Government Spends Tons of Money on Space Exploration

The amount of money that goes into space exploration is a point of discussion among the more curious folks. In 2020 alone, NASA reportedly expects to spend about 22.629 billion USD of the United States Congress funds for their fiscal year. There can be very good reasons for this, with one of the main ones being to discover how the rest of the universe works. Or to possibly create new technology that can benefit us in today’s age.

For example, if it were not for space-travel GPS, satellites and communication would not be a thing. While the idea that space programs are sending up drones and robots to explore the moon, they are surely planning to do more than that, hence the huge price tag.

However, other theories could be to explore other potentially habitable planets or to double-check if there is intelligent life up in the stars.

Recent Documentation of (Possible) Extraterrestrial Communication

There has been some recent documentation that someone or something might be trying to communicate with us with the use of radio signals. There are many examples of this phenomenon, and the more questions we answer, the more new ones we pose.

The chief reason for checking radio signals is that they are repetitively artificial. They also use narrow bandwidths, making them rather easy to point out to those that know what to look for. Scientists can read the radio waves that could come from outside our solar system with the use of radio telescopes. However, these signals could take billions of years to reach us, making the chance that alien life is still interested in visiting Earth quite rare.

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That is why there is constant and continuous research taking place with regards to CETI (Communication With Extraterrestrial Intelligence) and SETI (Search For Extraterrestrial Intelligence.)

Some Evidence That Aliens Have Visited Us

While it may take billions of years for outer space communication to reach us, there is a possibility that aliens themselves have made a holiday stop on our planet.

There are a lot of theories floating around — you have probably heard of those stating that the aliens built the pyramids or Stonehenge. However, the ones that get the most attention are the stories about people seeing UFOs and having dreams about aliens. Or claiming to be abducted by creatures from a different world!

A good indication that gets people heads spinning with the ideas that aliens were here is Area 51. There are endless conspiracy theories that this is an underground, testing base housing extraterrestrial items that the US Government is working on in secret. While there was a plan to raid the base in 2019, it did not happen. But, about 150 people did make their way to the gates of Area 51, five of which were arrested.

Final Send-Off

While the idea of alien life is fun to think about, there isn’t much evidence to support it. What we have so far is disapproving, mostly. However, there could be life outside, and they may want to visit us. But the question should be, would we want to visit them?

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