Pornhub Reveals “Alien” Was the Second Most Searched Term

Pornhub Reveals “Alien” Was the Second Most Searched Term

Pornhub Reveals “Alien” Was the Second Most Searched Term

It seems that people are now more willing to experiment with their sexualities and indulge in their kinks. In the past couple of years, we noticed some unusual categories on the top 10 lists on porn sites. Here, we will talk about aliens, a kink on the rise across the world. 

The Top Searches

Pornhub is probably the most popular adult site, and people visit it from all over the world. But have you ever wondered what some of the top searches on the global level were? Each year, Pornhub releases an annual year in review. Here, we can see what people are searching for and what the most popular categories are. So, let’s start from the beginning. 

PornHub’s Top Searches

  • Amateur — It seems that people grew tired of watching professional movies. Now, amateur ones are easily the most popular category in the world.  
  • Alien — Strangely, the second place goes to extraterrestrials, and it is more than obvious that people are looking for something new and wild. 
  • POV — POV category is short for point-of-view, and the idea behind it is to provide a more immersive experience while watching porn. It is especially popular in the VR category. 
  • Belle Delphine — Belle Delphine is easily the most searched individual when it comes to porn. She started with soft teasing and progressed to full explicit porn. And if you don’t know how popular she is, people were willing to buy her bathwater. 
  • Cosplay — Cosplay is an excellent way to fulfill your fantasies, and it’s apparent why it is so popular. 
  • Mature — It appears that people online are into ladies with a bit more experience. 
  • Bisexual — More and more people are willing to experiment with their sexuality, and it’s natural that the bisexual category is on the rise. 
  • Apex Legends — Believe it or not, Apex Legends is on the list. This is a battle-royale type of online game, and people have been obsessing over it. Naturally, it ended on porn sites as well. 
  • ASMR — Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, or ASMR, is a type of video content that started on YouTube and ended up on Pornhub. 
  • Femdom — Femdom is short for female domination, and it is another show of how guys love girls who are in charge. 

Alien-Related Searches on Pornhub

People love aliens in any form. Sci-fi movies give us hope that there is another intelligent species out there, and there are those who’d like to have sex with them. To understand how excited people are when it comes to aliens, just remember that people wanted to storm Area 51. The idea behind it was that they “can’t stop us all.” Of course, the effort failed, but they seemed to have had fun in the process. 

When it comes to porn, there are many different subcategories of alien adult videos. Some are all about alien impregnation, and you can even find toys able to “lay” eggs inside a person. 

Other popular alien-related searches include alien hentai, 3D alien, female alien, alien girl, etc. Whether it is an animation or cosplay, it seems that people can’t get enough of fantasy porn.

Alien Fetishism

Alien fetishism is commonly known as exophilia, and the popularity of it sky-rocketed in the past couple of years. We already mentioned alien dildos, and they are one of the best-selling types you can find. While some movies will focus on humanoid aliens, others will be more in line with tentacle porn. 

It is worth mentioning that some people count robotic beings or anything supernatural in this category as well. But if we talk strictly about exophilia, it mostly covers beings from other planets. 

If you thought about those crazy people that claim how aliens put things in their butt, you’d be wrong. The majority of people who are into alien fetishes don’t claim that they had sex with aliens. It is just the thought of it that is arousing to them. Since currently, it is impossible to have sex with an alien, the only option is to visit a porn site or buy one of the alien-inspired dildos. 

Are We Tired of Each Other?

One of the rising questions here is — Are we tired of each other? Does this mean that everyone else on the entire planet is not enough, and they need to seek sexual satisfaction elsewhere? Well, it doesn’t have to mean a single thing. 

Some people buy alien dildos because they like unusual shapes and colors. Others want to try something new and wild. Each person is different, and each kink manifests in a unique way. 

Unfortunately, for those with true exophilia, the reality is probably a bit disappointing. They might have a hard time satisfying their kink, and the only way to do so is through pornography and imagination. 

Of course, there are those who just want to see something different and have had enough of watching lonely step-sisters getting stuck in random home appliances.

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