Most popular types of sex that woman enjoy

Most popular types of sex that woman enjoy

Most popular types of sex that woman enjoy

Thanks to the progress the civilization has made, women feel empowered enough to acknowledge and openly address their sexuality. Pop culture promotes the image of a strong, sexually confident woman who feels good about herself and does not seek anyone’s approval. She inspires women worldwide who, as a result, break the stigma around female sexual pleasure and sex toys. It is longer an issue whether some women have more sex than others. In fact, women must encourage any one one to be confident with their sexuality and encourage each other.

If you recognize yourself in the description of a modern woman (or if you have such a partner), you will be thrilled to enrich your sex life with the most popular sex toys for women. Thanks to the expansion of the industry, they are available in every sex store, both traditional and online. In fact, the selection is so wide that you can base your choice on several criteria.

Without any further ado, we present to you the top sex toys for women.



Among the selection of female sex toys, a dildo is the most popular one. It would rank the highest on the list of the best sex toys for women. Dildos are available in a plethora of different sizes. They vary in design, material, and even color. They have been popularized by influential pop-culture females, thanks to whom many women enjoy solo play in an entirely different way.

However, masturbation is not the only goal of having a dildo, although you may think so. This toy can be an interesting addition to couples play as well. Thanks to it, you can enjoy double penetration and have vaginal and oral sex at the same time. Moreover, you can take it to the next level and include a strap-on in your collection too. Let your imagination take the reins and explore the wide range of options this sex toy offers. Just a reminder that if you ever plan to share your toy with others, make sure you encourage using the condom for added safety.


Rabbit Vibrators

Once the sex toy designers decided to add a feature resembling bunny ears to a vibrator, the sexual revolution began. Nowadays, every woman who has explored her options in the vibrator department can confirm that the rabbit is as good as it gets. Even those of you who are new to the idea of using a vibrator will feel tempted to try it as soon as you read about its features.

A rabbit vibrator has a clitoral stimulator in the shape of rabbit ears (hence the name). In addition to providing vaginal, this device provides clitoris stimulation as well, allowing you to experience simultaneous orgasms. As if that weren’t enough, they often have a curved shaft so that they can reach the G-spot. Once your rabbit touches it, you will never have to ask yourself if it even exists. You will also never think about getting a regular vibrating wand again.


Jeweled Butt Plugs

If you enjoy anal sex, butt plugs are the toys for you. However, if you want to bedazzle your partner (and your behind), you may want to try jeweled butt plugs. They do not differ from the regular ones in terms of their design — they are short and have a flared base so that they do not get stuck in your rectum. What makes them stand out is the fact that they are anal jewelry in addition to being anal sex toys! Jeweled butt plugs make anal play both pleasing to the touch and to the eye.

A jeweled butt plug features a precious or semi-precious stone at the base. It provides enhanced visual experience aside from the one butt plugs generally offer. If you want to enrich your anal play, consider making your behind look rich and get one of the many jeweled butt plugs out there.


Tail Butt Plugs

BDSM knows almost no boundaries. Between the concept’s nature and the diversity of humankind, there is a whole spectrum of various kinks. Some are mild and others seem extreme, but they all differ from vanilla penetrative sex, which is what makes them exciting.

Regardless of the differences that exist among kinks and people’s affinities, BDSM is intense — that much is certain. The division of roles, at its core, makes every scene memorable. BDSM is not about gentle love-making — it is about raw, animalistic sex.

Speaking of primal sex, is there a better way to have it than by including a tail butt plug in your foreplay? You can turn yourself into an animal by inserting such a toy in your anus. They are just like regular butt plugs, except that they have a tail made of faux (sometimes even real) fur stuck to their base. If you enjoy doggy-style sex, there is nothing wrong with wearing a tail that resembles the one of a dog! Since women love cute things, this can be the type of sex that woman enjoy most.


Bullet Vibrators

If you are secretive about your sexual fantasies and need a discrete sex toy, a bullet vibrator is perfect for you. You should not be misled by its size (it is rather small) or the fact that it usually does not even resemble a vibrator. This toy is powerful, and it can make you orgasm whenever (and wherever) you use it.

Thanks to their unique design, bullet vibrators offer as concentrated and intense vibrations as such toys get. They are perfect for stimulating your clit during penetration, especially if you cannot reach orgasm from penetration alone. However, you can get creative and use yours on other sensitive areas of your body as well.

A bullet vibrator is excellent for solo and couple sex alike. Thanks to its design and size, you can even take it with you on a trip, whether you are going alone or with your partner.


Parting Words

As you can see, there are more than a few advantages of being a woman in the 21st century. You can explore your sexuality and enjoy it without shame. There is no better way to do that than by experimenting with sex toys tailored to your needs specifically.

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