I Want a(n Alien) Baby Daddy

I Want a(n Alien) Baby Daddy

I Want a(n Alien) Baby Daddy

The world is a rich tapestry — it’s full of all kinds of people. Some you might find dull and ordinary, while others might come off as somewhat strange and different. But no matter who and what they are, it’s safe to assume they have all sorts of ideas, plans, and kinks.Today, we’d like to talk a bit about the group of people who fantasize about intercourse with extraterrestrials.

Since the ‘50s, mainstream culture has become full of stories about UFO sightings and alien abductions. It doesn’t matter whether it’s due to the rise of the sci-fi genre or more alternative news sources. Real or not, aliens became a prominent part of our culture. But besides your usual tales of terror, abductees began to talk about their captors planting their seeds inside them.

As strange and bizarre as it might seem, this idea gave birth to the phenomena of unexplained UFO pregnancies. Medical exams and pregnancy tests couldn’t figure out what was going on, and the public went bonkers. These stories still serve as inspiration for wet dreams for many people. So, we think you might find it interesting to get to know the whole story and what lies behind it.

Do Aliens Really Breed With Women?

Although pretty much underrated in the scientific community, there’s this little theory that claims we’re all descendants of space aliens. Sure, it might sound crazy to some, but if you think about it, there’s no reason not to believe it. Seeing how quickly we evolved compared to our primate cousins, the possibility of aliens meddling in Earthly affairs seems plausible.

And since there’s about six percent of Americans who claim to have either had a close encounter or even been abducted by the creatures from above, who’s to say they’re all full of lies? There are two prominent theories as to why they’d want to impregnate our women. The first one claims they’re looking for a host planet since their world is falling apart. The other says that this could be a way for them to take over Earth from within.

Why Some Women Want to Have Alien Babies

Being pregnant and giving birth to a living creature is one of the last remaining secrets of life and existence itself. But what if you add to it a mix of supernatural? You know, some Mulder and Scully kind of spice. Wouldn’t that make you and your baby unique?

Joking aside, there’s a big market for alien fantasies nowadays. Ever since the “Twilight Zone” and “Alien” series became popular, people have been inspired to combine monsters and sex. You know, xenomorph rape and violation, pregnant women, chestbursters, etc. It’s a huge turn-on for some people, and we don’t judge them.

There’s this obscure manufacturer of alien-like dildos that lay eggs. Yup, you’ve read that right — there’s this one guy who makes xenomorph phalluses that you can fill with jelly eggs. Once you’re on your own and having fun, you can press the alien penis and it will slide one gooey jelly egg inside you. But don’t worry, they’re safe — they dissolve inside you after a couple of hours.

The Unexplained Pregnancies

Even if most stories of alien pregnancies were debunked by medical reviews, there are still some controversies surrounding them. The whole thing is similar to Mary giving birth to baby Jesus in Christianity. Hence, some people mix religion and UFO stories to make some sense of it all. But the conventional medicine and the overall public are pretty skeptical about babies born from alien interference.

One of the most famous stories about alien impregnation is that of Betty and Barney Hill. This American couple was allegedly part of an alien abduction in 1961, and their captors experimented on their bodies in all sorts of ways. From anal probes to picking up hair and nails, they endured it all. But besides that, they pierced Betty with something through her bellybutton.

More recently, a 40-something-year-old Italian woman claimed that she was carrying an extraterrestrial fetus. Unfortunately, her reproductive health wasn’t in line with a healthy pregnancy, and the child didn’t survive. Still, UFO enthusiasts remain suspicious about it all. And why wouldn’t they?

The Cute Fictional Alien Babies

Nonetheless, alien babies aren’t always a product of rape and horror. Throughout pop-culture, we’ve had all kinds of ideas associated with the UFO phenomena. Back in the late-‘70s, there was a famous sketch about a family of aliens (mom, dad, and a child), who were from outer space. They had these cone-like heads, hence their name — Coneheads.

The SNL sketch was rather famous and it later led to a movie with Dan Aykroyd, Jane Curtin, and Laraine Newman. But they’re not the only fictional alien family with a weird-looking baby. “Men in Black” had a quirky squid baby, Clark Kent (Superman) came to Earth as an alien infant, etc. Moreover, movies, comics, and TV shows are full of influential characters that have an extraterrestrial background.

All this leads us to conclude this Outer Limits story and say that it’s quite okay to have an interest in alien abductions, UFOs, and alien babies. As long as it’s not the chestburster from Ridley Scott’s “Alien,” it’s fine by us. So, get your telescopes, place your orders for xenomorph dildos, or watch some X-files. But just be sure you come back to us safe and sound!

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