How To Safely Use Sex Swings for Beginners

How To Safely Use Sex Swings for Beginners

How To Safely Use Sex Swings for Beginners

Inspect Your Swing for Any Damage

Once you have decided to enrich your sex life with a sex swing and have chosen the model for you, you need to check it for damage. You do not want to end up crashing to the floor and twisting your ankle or breaking a leg. Although that may become a funny story once the injuries heal, pleasurable experience with a safe sex swing is so much more rewarding.

After you open your kit, search for the instructions manual and read it carefully. It should contain a list of parts the swing is supposed to consist of. Afterward, inspect all of them and make sure they are in mint condition. If you notice that one of them is missing or is damaged, do not test your luck and risk yours or your partner’s safety. Instead, reclaim your sex swing and choose another one.

Do Not Adjust a Sex Swing While Sitting on It

Whichever sex swing you choose, you will need to set it up before using it. Depending on the model, the installment process can be more or less challenging. You can avoid construction work by choosing a door swing, a body sex swing, or a sex swing with stands, but every harness has to be adjusted.

However, you should never put your safety at risk by adjusting the swing while sitting on it. Although it may seem straightforward, the installation process can loosen the swing. If that happens, you would rather have both feet on the ground than be on the swing.

Choose a Strong Mounting

If you have chosen a roof-mounted sex swing, that means you are ready to do some construction work. However, the installment of such a swing is not as simple as drilling a hole in your ceiling. Keep in mind that your swing has to support yours or your partner’s body weight, so its mounting point has to be strong.

In order to be able to use your roof-mounted swing safely, you will need a secure joist. Once you have found it, you can install the mounting point(s) and choose between the eye hook and the tie-down anchor. The former may come with your swing, but the latter may be a better option as it has a higher weight limit. 

If you do not feel comfortable about hanging a sex swing from your ceiling, you can pick a simpler harness, such as a door sex swing. The internet offers a wide range of options. In the end, you do not have to deal with construction work because of a sex swing.

Choose a Reliable Store

Sex swings are so popular that no store doesn’t sell them. Whether you prefer shopping online or in a brick-and-mortar shop, you will have no trouble finding the model you want. 

Nevertheless, just like you need to be careful when choosing a sex swing, you have to take care when picking a store to buy it from. 

Fortunately, we live in the Information Age, which allows us to research every topic that interests us thoroughly. Instead of wandering from one sex shop to the next, you can consult your local BDSM community to get some recommendations on the best shop in your area. Alternatively, you can join a BDSM forum and seek advice on the most reliable online shopping websites. Finally, if you do not want to consult anyone directly, you can read sex shop reviews.

Parting Words

Having hammock sex can be an exciting experience. Not only does it qualify as BDSM, but it also offers numerous possibilities when it comes to sex positions! However, keep in mind that every BDSM scene must be safe. Why would the ones involving a sex swing be an exception?

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