How to Deal With Your Fantasy Fetish When You Are in a Relationship

How to Deal With Your Fantasy Fetish When You Are in a Relationship

How to Deal With Your Fantasy Fetish When You Are in a Relationship

Some Fantasy Fetishes Are Impossible to Satisfy

Firstly, it’s essential to be clear when talking kinks and fetishes. There’s no need to set the bar high, making it impossible to find a resolution for the thing that makes you click. We’re sorry to burst someone’s bubble by saying it, but some fetishes are impossible to satisfy!

A certain portion of people gets so encompassed by their dreams, unknowingly detaching themselves from reality. To put it simply — they become delusional. Unfortunately, being delusional doesn’t only affect the person suffering from it — it resonates with their partner as well.

Therefore, it’s important to ground yourself in real life when exploring your sexuality. Breaking a healthy relationship over unattainable goals is the worst thing a couple can do. So stay rooted and don’t expect everything when it comes to dirty dreams and kinks. Be humble and reasonable, and your partner will be thankful.

Timing Is Crucial

Like with all things, timing is linked to success. All your good intentions and plans fall short once you hesitate or act prematurely. Furthermore, you’ve got nothing if you don’t take action at the right moment. The same can be said for both your sexual perversions and fantasies.

It’s not like you’re going to take out your dong every time you feel the urge for sexual satisfaction, will you? Of course not! You’ll savor the sweet moment when everything feels just right. You want to make both your partner and you feel like the time is right for your dirty little secret.

If you didn’t know by now, sexual activities are like delicate flowers. You have to nurture them, show them care and love, before you plunge into your wild sex fantasy. The payoff will be something completely different if you take your time and act according to your surroundings.

Let Your Partner Talk First

You shouldn’t talk only about yourself and never close your mouth. Act like you would on a date. Being selfish and leaving a bad impression on your partner is a big no-no when dealing with delicate topics such as kinks and perversions.

Try acting mature by allowing them to state their preferences before you. Allow them to be open about their dreams because when everything is said and done, we all have secrets we don’t feel comfortable sharing easily. Be accepting the same way you would want them to understand you and your feelings and desires.

Understand That It’s Normal

Again, acceptance and understanding are as important as anything you can think of. Being reasonable when listening to both yourself and your partner is key to a successful relationship, regardless of kinks and fetishes. It’s high time we understand that we as human beings coexist with dirty fetishes that make us thick.

Sexual arousal doesn’t work the same for everyone. Some like golden showers, while others love sensory deprivation. It’s like a rainbow — shining in all sorts of beautiful colors. Being a missionary man isn’t for everyone. So, allowing the rest to fulfill desires is essential for the overall well-being of society in general.

Be Open to What You Want

Being precise and open about your thoughts is important to get what you want. Although some find it hard, saying what you’re all about will drastically improve your chances of living healthily. Evading topics and details will only make for an unhappy relationship, followed by an inevitable breakup.

Being straight to the point and precise will also save you precious time. There’s no use in circling and running on the comfortable ground as you’ll get nowhere with that. Cut the slack, and say what you want to say. Don’t live locked up with your desires — you’ll only make it worse.

Role-play Sex

Highly regarded on the long list of kinks, role-playing is a pretty common thing couples of all trades go for. It’s standard 101 stuff in the kink community. Don’t let anyone tell you no different. Of course, there’s a reason why it’s like that.

Role-play sex is an easy and effective way of transforming your bedroom into something else. Being creative and willing to believe anything is all you need to do. Common fetishes are, most of the time, pretty easy to pull off, and building your acting chops while role-playing is as cool as anything else out there.

For example, your standard stuff mostly relies on power exchange. Playing the role of a dominant and submissive partner, the two of you can cruise through most of the scenarios that the average human mind can think of. Once again, creativity and sex acts are all you’re looking for here.

Understand Your Partner

Just like you’d want your partner to understand why something is important to you, you need to accept that something just doesn’t work for them. Being innovative and open doesn’t mean all systems go if your lover isn’t up for it. That’s why talking is a big factor in a working relationship.

For example, some people are not into anal sex. They’ve tried it, didn’t like it, and don’t want to go the same route again. It’s important to put some respect on that, as you’d like the same in reverse. Even if they didn’t try it, there’s no need to pressure them if they show clear signs of not wanting it.

It Can Just Be a Solo Experience

Remember when we said some fetishes are just not possible? Well, yeah, they’re not… not with a partner, at least. That is where sex toys and porn come into play. If’n you don’t have a partner, or they’re just not into it, go online and search the web.

Porn is rich in content. It’s not just wax play and foot fetish videos. Browse for that weird stuff that pulls your strings, dig deep, and don’t feel ashamed. There’s no use in acting like you are something you’re not.

Also, check if the adult toy industry has something that will make your wet dream a reality. There’s bound to be something to at least give you some new ideas if not accomplish your goal.

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