Do Alien Abductions Really Happen?

Do Alien Abductions Really Happen?

Do Alien Abductions Really Happen?

Our universe is infinite, and it keeps expanding. There are countless stars we can see, and you can imagine what secrets they hide. It seems almost impossible that Earth is the only place filled with life. If we look at the odds, it seems obvious that there are other planets with life forms. But will they ever visit us? Have they already done that? Many people believe that governments hide the truth from us. There are even many people who claim aliens have abducted them.

All About Alien Abductions

Stories about alien encounters have surpassed classic science fiction, and many people believe that the UFO sightings are real. According to alien abductees, extraterrestrials tend to come to Earth, grab someone, and conduct experiments on them. Naturally, this usually leads to a traumatic experience, and other people often end up scared that a similar thing will happen to them as well.

There are even many support groups for the victims of alien abuse. They gather to share experiences and help others avoid meeting the same fate. According to the alleged victims who have survived the experience, there are a couple of stages of alien experiments.

Firstly, aliens capture the victim, and they are usually unable to move or resist in any way. After that, aliens take them to their spacecraft. The second stage of the process is the experiment. Aliens will conduct medical examinations of their “patient,” and you have probably heard stories about alien probes.

Finally, the green men return the abductee to where they were captured, and they often suffer a loss of time, among other traumas.

What Happens in Alien Abductions

Probably the most famous report of abduction is the Betty and Barney Hill alien abduction story. It is the first publicized abduction in the US, and it happened in 1961. The couple was driving home from their vacation when they noticed bright lights in the sky that kept growing bigger. Curiosity got the best of them, so they stopped the car to see what was happening.

Know More About Betty and Barney Hill’s Alien Abduction Story

After the UFO landed, the couple was abducted. However, the problem is that Barney admitted that he kept his eyes shut during the physical examination. So what really happens during alien abductions?

One of the things that most victims agree on is that the abduction phenomenon is part of some kind of research. Apparently, extraterrestrials take people from Earth so that they can learn more about us. This includes our physiology as well. While Hill’s story is not the only “evidence” of alien abduction, most of them share certain elements, for example, probes. You have probably heard time and again how aliens will take someone into their flying saucer and then stick a probe up their butt.

This innovative research method is not something you could have seen in the Close Encounters of the Third Kind. So why do so many people report probing as part of the experiment? While there are many people out there who enjoy having stuff up their butts, for others, this is a no-no zone. So it seems obvious why they would “fear the worst” when it comes to alien experiments. Taking you up the spaceship to take a look at your body is one thing, but sticking stuff up your butt seems a lot scarier.

A Steep Decline in Alien Abduction Reports

The Hills’ abduction happened half a century ago, and that was one of the first reports of the phenomenon ever. However, as time passes by, there seem to be fewer and fewer cases of alien abduction, which seems quite interesting. Did aliens lose interest in our species? Have they finished their research? Or is there some other explanation?

It seems that something has killed the whole idea of aliens putting stuff up people’s butt. For some, the whole thing stopped being exciting by the end of the nineties. The number of “X files” dropped significantly, and after 9/11, no one really cared about little green men. But perhaps most importantly, technology improved. Thanks to the internet and the whole smartphone era, it’s easier to verify a story.

If an alien spacecraft landed in the middle of a cornfield, you can be sure that you’d find a 4k video on YouTube a couple of hours later. Moreover, modern medicine played an important role in the decline of these stories as well.

Alien abduction stories are a lot less exciting when a doctor can tell you that the patient suffers from epilepsy, false memories, sleep paralysis, or schizophrenia. Of course, this doesn’t mean that people are not curious anymore. There are many UFO researchers out there and even more people who still believe in the stories.

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Avoid Getting Kidnapped by Aliens

If you are still afraid for your safety (and the safety of your butthole), there are a couple of ways you can protect yourself. Firstly, you might want to avoid rural areas. People who claimed to be abducted in the past always experienced it in places far away from cities. And we understand, aliens want privacy while doing butt stuff.

However, this is just the first step in avoiding little green men with butt fetish. Even if you are home, there is a chance that you are not safe. If you suddenly wake up in the middle of the night and you see strange lights in your yard, don’t investigate it (at least not without a chastity belt). Just call 911.

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