Chastity Guide for Beginners: How To Put On Chastity Cage

Chastity Guide for Beginners: How To Put On Chastity Cage

Chastity Guide for Beginners: How To Put On Chastity Cage

How the Chastity Cage Really Comes into Use

The chastity cage comes from the BDSM area and serves there as a tool for pleasurable punishment and chastisement in role-playing games. The wearer is deprived of control of his genitals by wearing the chastity cage, which is very exciting for some people. But of course, the chastity cage can also be used as an exciting toy just to bring some more fire in the foreplay. Both Chastity cages formen, both the best piece and the testicles are forced through a ring in a small cage, which can then be locked and optionally locked with a small lock. Chastity cages forwomen, often referred to as the Florentine belt, are similar to a panty with studs, buckles, and sometimes additional dildos that take the chastity cages’purpose absurdly. This article will help you understand how to put on a chastity cage.

What do you assume Under Concentration?

By male chastity, one understands the following: The penis becomes a chastity cagelocked, which is to prevent the man from getting a fully erect penis or to use this for sex. With the chastity cage it is impossible to masturbate or to orgasm. The chastity cage can only be removed by the one who is fortunate and has the key to the chastity cage. Of course, this BDSM practice of chastity cage carrying is not for everyone, but the chastity cage suppression is gaining more and more BDSM fans. The chastity cage wearing is especially popular in the BDSM scene and increases the game between power and submission by the slave and his mistress. A very popular chastity cage in men is the CB 6000, the surface coating of the CB-6000 Designer Collection Chastity Cage is a particularly durable topcoat on our lightweight medical grade polycarbonate model. The chastity cage is light, hypoallergenic and resistant. The chastity cage is air permeable and hygienic and has an opening that allows urinating.

Chastic Cage: Different Materials and Designs

The chastity cage is available in different materials and designs. Whether made of metal, plastic, silicone or leather, whether in cage look , closed or transparent, the possibilities and the selection are simply gigantic. Of course, the individual materials affect the durability and comfort of the chastity cage. The chastity cage made of plastic is indeed much cheaper, but also offers less comfort and broken faster than the chastity cage made of high quality metal.

There is a lot to discover in the Chastity Cap

In addition to the chastity cage, penis cage, chastity belt and there are many more exciting toys that can really fuel the love life. The ideal complement to the chastity cage is fetters and whips. Thus the chastisement can go even further or how about mouth glands and blind folds? Chastity cages are very well made, stable and perfect in fit. High-quality materials ensure that the chastity cage can be worn over a longer period of time. Just look around and get new ideas and inspiration for the next exciting adventure with the chastity cage. You can go to to help you with choosing the perfect chastity device that is suited for you.

The chastity is certainly a topic for many people, which is not commonplace. The penis cage is for some or the other but rather dissuasive. However, there are many good reasons for using a penis cage to chastise the man. At first it’s just pure curiosity and soon curiosity is put into action. The own sexuality is thus almost rediscovered and that does not happen every day in a person’s life. The male chastity wearing the chastity cage is a revelation to many. Once started, you can hardly stop it.

Once you have decided to buy a penile cage, however, you are faced with an important and all-important question: Which penis cage is the best for you?

So that you can answer this question more easily and above all faster, we have answered the most important questions on this page and at the same time introduce you to the best chastity cages for men. So you can easily decide which cage suits you. On the market there are currently many good and unfortunately many very bad chastity belts for men. The quality differences are serious, but we make sure that you do not make a mistake. For this purpose, we have done a penile cage comparison, but more on that later.

Do the penis cage test now and try something new

Here you will find a lot of information about different penile cages:

CB6000 – The chastity belt for men

The CB6000 is one of the most popular penis cages and chastity belts on the market. It has a very high wearing comfort and offers numerous features that can make the wearer’s life as uncomfortable as desired. The fun of abstinence is at the center of everything. We would like to introduce you to the CB6000 today, so you know exactly what to expect after a purchase. Have fun while reading.

What is the CB6000?

The CB6000 is a so-called Chastity Device, a product that can be used to lock in a body part. In this case, it’s about the man’s penis and testicles. The penis cage is designed to prevent the man from getting an erection and masturbating. The orgasm remains the man with the CB6000 denied until the keyholder gives the permission. The CB Chastity Belt has long since achieved cult status among the followers of these erotic games. The predecessors, the CB2000 and the CB3000 were sold as often as no other chastity clamp.

How is the CB6000 worn?

The CB Penis cage can be tightened in just a few easy steps. There used to be a closed ring system on CB chastity belts. Today one has developed a much more modern system with individual rings. With these rings, the size of the chastity clamp can be influenced. It can be a bit tricky when putting it together for the first time. After the second or third time, however, you know exactly how you can create the CB6000 very quickly. If someone helps you, the interaction between you should be practiced in this case so that it does not pinch in between.

For which penis size is the CB6000 suitable?

The beauty of this high-quality penis cage is the flexibility with which you as the wearer can determine exactly how tight or lose the penis cage is. In addition, the product has different testicular rings. In the beginning, most users are concerned that the largest ring will fit. After wearing them for the first time, they often notice that the testicles simply slip out again. Another attempt with a middle ring brings more joy. It is important that you slowly approach your maximum, because the penis, the testicles and the whole genital area have to get used to the new home first.

Although the smaller rings on the CB 6000 do not look like their own testicles fit through it, many wearers are surprised how comfortable the penis cage can be and how secure the seat is when the right size is found out. About the spacer can also regulate how far the actual cage is removed from the penis root. Depending on the size of the genitals, you will find the perfect fit.

How long should be practiced with the CB 6000?

Before you wear the chastity clamp for the first time without a safety key, you should get used to the device for at least 2 weeks. If the keyholder is the only person with a key and is not around, it will be impossible for you to open the CB 6000. So make yourself familiar with it for a while.

How do you dress the CB6000?

The Chastity Device provides for most carriers for a very fast erection of the penis. This makes it very difficult to put on the chastity cage, actually even impossible. For this reason, a step by step installation has proven to be helpful. First, only the A-ring with a spacer over the penis should be inserted so that it can get used to the cold feeling of the material. Then it can then continue with the actual cage housing. Finally, the entire construction is sealed with the small lock and handed over the key to the key masters. Once the CB6000 is in place, getting an erect penis becomes nearly impossible.

What should you look for when wearing the CB6000?

Every person is anatomically built differently. Especially in the initial phase you will be reminded by the feeling when wearing very often to sex. Of course, it comes to uncontrolled erections, which can sometimes even be a little painful. Many men explain that when the penis becomes stiff, the testicles are partially pulled forward so that a slight pull is created. Unfamiliar at first, it should be perceived later as pleasant. The CB 6000 penis cage is anatomically so well thought-out that it has a perfect fit when you get used to the settings.

As time goes by, you will also notice that wearing the CB 6000 makes you feel a little thinner at the point where the A ring sits. So you can gradually use the thinner rings until the chastity belt finally gets a very tight fit.

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