Alien Lover

By: Kiru Taye

I hope you enjoy the third edition of Brittle Paper’s African fan-fiction erotica. Every February right around Valentine’s Day, I join forces with UK-based erotica writer Kiru Taye to rewrite an iconic African novel as a steamy love story, featuring very explicit sexual encounters.

The first year was a love tryst between Okonkwo and his third and favorite wife Ekwefi titled “Thighs Fell Apart” . The second year was “Lunch with Ifemelu.” We had Ifemelu and Obinze reunite in an explosive lovemaking session in a Lagos hotel room.

This year, we decided to do something a bit different: an intimate encounter between two women. Titled “My Lover is an Alien,” this year’s story is an erotic homage to Nnedi Okorafor’s scifi novel Lagoon.

Lagoon tells the story about Lagos devolving into chaos when an alien ship lands on its patch of the Atlantic. It reads like an action movie and dazzles with a cast of some of the most memorable characters in contemporary African fiction—Adaora the marine biologist-witch, Agu the superhero soldier, Anthony dey Crazy the Ghanaian rapper with the hypnotizing rhythm, the underground LGBT student organization called Black Nexus, and, of course, the alien emissary, who appears in the body of a woman named Ayodele.

This year’s fan-fiction erotica springs from a little “what-if” at the heart of the story. What if Adaora, the lead female character in the novel had an intense sexual moment with Ayodele the female alien emissary? It is hard to believe, but this speculation is not that farfetched. There are moments in the novel when it does feel like Adaora and Ayodele share a bond that could be interpreted any which way.

For those who are curious about the stunning illustration, it is the original work of Mexico City-based artist named Reez Ruiz.

Alright, enough talk. I’ll let you get on with it.

Scroll down to read.


Adaora’s heart stalled, and then thumped hard in her chest. She could breathe under water. Her eyes widened and her gaze flitted around. She could see and hear what was happening around her.

Aliens, humanoids that looked like Stormtroopers out of Star Wars maneuvered through the water in the same flowing motions as they did in the films.

How could she breathe so easily under water? She lifted her hand to her neck and made contact with gills, several numb, hairy flaps of skin that opened and closed, even voluntarily.

She lowered her gaze to her legs and pressed her palms to her cheeks in amazement.

She no longer had legs. They’d become the body of a metallic blue fish with glittery scales and a caudal fin. She had a fish tail.

Her heart raced, the sound of rushing blood filled her ears. Twisting, she tried to get a better look. Her body moved fluidly, effortlessly. Quickly.

Something tapped her on the shoulder. She spun and came face to face with Ayodele. Her skin tingled. Adaora swam back, a fluttery feeling in her belly.

“Relax,” Ayodele said, her hand rose in a soothing gesture.

Adaora heard the alien’s voice in her head. She opened her mouth and tried to speak. No sound came out.

“Think your words,” Ayodele said. “You can move your mouth if it helps but think your words.”

Adaora moved her mouth as she thought. “What is going on? How did I get here? Where is everyone else?”

She heard Ayodele laugh, a soft, gentle tinkle that settled inside her chest and spread warmth through her body.

“Calm down,” Ayodele said, still in her human form. Even under the sea, she remained too beautiful and too captivating with such large eyes that Adaora wanted to drown in them.

Ayodele swam in a circle around Adaora. “Swim with me,” she said. “I will explain.”

Gaze fixed the other woman, Adaora didn’t move. Her body trembled and she stroked her arms. She couldn’t explain this hyperawareness she had of the alien. Moreover the woman hadn’t answered her questions.

Ayodele laughed. “Everyone is fine. I’ll take you to see them soon. Don’t worry.”

Adaora nodded and her fast breathing evened out. “Will my body change back?” Adaora asked, a little anxiety in her tone.

“You will change back when you reach land.” Ayodele laughed, shifting into mermaid herself. “Now come.”

Adaora followed. Ayodele moved fast and Adaora was surprised to find she could keep up.

They zipped through the water like torpedoes, swerving left and right past bone tall white edifices, frolicked amongst sea creatures..

Adaora’s senses heightened as adrenaline rushed through her body as she experiences a sense of freedom and excitement she hadn’t felt on land. Her pulse accelerated. She felt breathless. Alive.

Their heads broke through the water. Pale sandy beach and dark boulders lay beyond the mouth of a cave.

“How…where are we?” Adaora asked in a squeaky voice, unable to hide her surprise at being on land and being able to talk with her mouth again.

Ayodele waded out of the water. “This is an island in the Atlantic Ocean and a secluded cove. No one will disturb us here.” As she reached the sand and flopped on it, her lower half turned into leg. Bare long legs. The rest of her body was wrapped in Etu, a dark blue aso oke fabric.

For a moment Adaora, just watched the woman, enchanted. Then she moved through the water and onto the sand, emerging with legs also.

“What are we doing here?” she asked, a smile on her face, the excitement she’d felt

Ayodele looked up at her, beaming a sultry smile that made her eyes smoulder. “Isn’t this what you wanted? You and me, alone together.”

Adaora tilted her head. Ever since she’d met Ayodele she’d wanted to spend time with her finding out as much as possible. But there had always been other people around? Agu, Antony, Chris or the children.

She nodded. Yes, she wanted this time alone with Ayodele. But there was something else in the air between them, certain electricity that charged the air and made her skin tingle. This was more than the intense desire to share this time and feeling with the other woman. It was something she couldn’t name.

Ayodele pulled her down to sit on the sand next to her.

Adaora’s body reacted immediately. The hairs on her arms stood erect. Her nipples hardened as if touched by a warm hand or wet tongue.

There was a familiarity to Ayodele’s touch. As if they’d know each other forever. Perhaps it was because she reminded her of Ayodele the human at the moment.

Adaora settled next to her on the beach. Something about being so close made her skin tingle. Curiosity has been an unspoken dance since she met this woman. They’d skirted around the tension between them from the moment they’d met.

But her inquiring nature meant she wanted to know more about this woman. Did Ayodele receive sexual pleasure the same way humans did? What would it feel like to have sex with her?

Adaora’s heartbeat quickened at the thought, blood rushed in her ears just as her mouth dried out.



Ayodele smiled as she leaned towards Adaora. This woman had fascinated her from the moment they’d met. She knew that earthlings harboured restrictions as to what relationships were allowed among adults and genders. There were no such prejudices among her people.

She’s always been able to sense the human’s emotions. Now she saw the radiant glow surrounding Adaora, and felt the pulse of sexual energy grow and quicken between them. She traced her fingers along the ridge of Adaora’s shoulders and saw the mottling of skin into Goosebumps.

“The other night, while you were asleep, I masturbated right next to you, hoping you would wake up and find out.”

Adaora’s breath hitched and her beautiful brown eyes went wide as saucers. Her tongue darted out and licked the lips.

Ayodele recognised the woman’s desire but she wasn’t ready to explore it. Not yet. She stood up, pulling Adaora with her. She winked and ran off down the beach. Not fast. Just playfully.

Adaora smiled and gave chase. Her braids tossed wildly.

She could hear the other woman’s quickening breath and the thumping beat of her heart. She stopped and turned on purpose.

Adaora barrelled into her and they both fell onto the sand. The world spun as her back hit the sand. Then Adaora’s tongue invaded her mouth. The kiss was tentative, very much an experiment for the other woman. Then she backed away and sat on the sand as if her boldness had deserted her.

The brief contact left Ayodele hungry for more. Her nipples tautened as if reaching out to be touched. She couldn’t help teasing Adaora. She parted her legs, revealing how panty-less she was.

“Do you want to feel my wet pussy?” she asked, watching from the corners of her eyes, challenging her.

She didn’t answer. Couldn’t answer. Ayodele felt the lump in Adaora’s throat. She understood that the human had never done anything like this.

She had. Then again, her people didn’t design gender and sex rules the way the humans did.

But Ayodele’s confession had peaked Adaora’s curiosity and desire, which in turn heightened Ayodele’s need.

She wanted to touch herself. Better still, she wanted to be touched by Adaora.

She lifted her dress and reached down to circle her swollen clit with her fingers. All the while she held Adaora’s lustful gaze, enticing her to come forward.

“Adaora, please.” Her voice came out husky, her throat thick. “Touch me.”

Adaora reached across and touched her, the finger tentative as they brushed hard clit.

Ayodele moaned and closed her eyes. Her hand clawed into sand as she savoured the sensation.

She opened her eyes. She wanted to watch Adaora and see all the woman’s facial expression of desire as she sank her fingers into her wet pussy. Did Adaora know how often she had imagined this since they met? She’d been tingling with anticipation when they’d been swimming to this place, knowing what lay in store. Willing her to let go of her inhibitions and do this.

Now, Adaora’s fingers teased and plunged, thumb circling. Ayodele’s eyes rolled back as she began the slide into orgasm.

“I want you to sink your face into my pussy,” Ayodele said.

Adaora hesitated and pulled back. She wasn’t ready. She hadn’t discovered the brazenness that comes with desire. The boldness that comes with wanting something so badly.

Ayodele didn’t push her. She wanted her mouth on her pussy and her tongue thrusting deep inside. Her orgasm was within reach; just a few more strokes and she would be over the edge. She wanted to scream as loud as she could so it would bounce of the cliffs surrounding them.

She reached out to touch Adaora. She backed away but not quick enough. Ayodele cupped a hand between her legs. Her dress was soaked, her pussy swollen and ripe beneath the fabric. The woman was as wet as she was and probably not far off from a climax. The whole situation and what she’d been doing to Ayodele must’ve turned her on.

Adaora wiggled her hips as she bit her lower lip.

Ayodele pressed her hand firmly between her legs before focusing the attention on her own body. She played with her nipples through the fabric.

Adaora watched her as if unable to look away. She lifted her fingers to her mouth and sucked them, tasting Ayodele’s juices.

“I want your tongue on my breast,” Ayodele said before moaning. She lazily traced a hand around her nipple. She moaned again.

“Lick me. Suck my clit.” She sought Adaora’s eyes as she pushed back the lips of her pussy and played with her clit. She could bring herself to orgasm quickly. But she wanted Adaora to do it.

For a moment she watched in fascination. The woman moved, kneeled in front of her and lowered her mouth between her spread legs.

“What do I…?” Adaora’s voice faltered, confused and worried about this territory which was both familiar and unfamiliar to her. How many African women understood their bodies enough? How many ever masturbated? And even less would be the numbers who have performed cunnilingus.

Ayodele plunged her fingers into her, hitting her g spot. For a moment all she knew was the clenching of dripping pussy walls around her digits. She pulled out her hand and they shone with her juices.

She reached across, held Adaora’s thigh with one hand and slipped her hand between the legs, past her underwear.

Adaora’s hips surged forward, pressing into her hand. She looked at Ayodele’s face and then down to the hand between her legs, playing with her pussy. Her face was full of astonishment. Nothing before had prepared her for this encounter with another woman. Her hips churned, moving in circles.

Ayodele brushed Adaora’s clit with her thumb, while her fingers plunged in and out. She could feel the way the human’s muscles tightened around her digits as her orgasm built.

Adaora’s breathing became quicker and the sounds of her moans increased.

Ayodele angled her fingers to hit the g spot and pressed down her clit.

Adaora’s body trashed, her muscles clamped down and she gave a long moan as she came.

Ayodele watched her come apart, pleased that she had pushed the woman to the edge of desire and over, sending all her inhibitions away to be replaced by want and need and hunger.

Adaora grabbed Ayodele’s retreating hand and sucked the fingers slowly. Ayodele moaned, her body pulsing in tune with the motions of her mouth.

With her other hand she started to explore Ayodele. Her fingers parted her pubic hairs, pulling at the curls. Her head bent forward.

Ayodele felt her hot breath on her tingly skin. She groaned, wanting close contact.

Adaora glanced up. Her eyes were large and dark and filled with lust.

Another moan escaped Ayodele’s lips.

Adaora’s tongue darted out, hard and pointed. She lapped Ayodele’s pussy.

Ayodele moaned again. It seemed to give Adaora courage and she raked her teeth against the clit.

Ayodele arched her back, pushing her pussy into Adaora’s face. She spread her labia and used her tongue to explore the crevices from her slit up to her clit. She sucked on the engorged bundle of nerves as if it was a small cock.

Adaora teased, stopping and starting, knowing the rhythm of Ayodele’s pussy as if it was her own.

Ayodele followed her movements with her gaze, watching every action just as her body responded fiercely.

Adaora pumped two fingers inside her and her body began the slide into orgasm. Heat flashed on her skin and tingles ran from her toes to her head as if she had been lit with fire. She hovered between life and death, and her body exploded, her skin turning blue from head to toes. She’d only experienced an orgasm like this once before and she couldn’t contain her amazement that she would experience this with a human female.

When the explosions ended, she pulled Adaora into her arms and held, kissing her lips and tasting herself on her.

They held each other for what seemed like hours but were only minutes as their heart rates came back to normal and Ayodele’s skin returned to the dark hue of the African humans.

“Do you always turn blue when you have an orgasm?” Adaora asked with a smile on her face.

Ayodele returned the smile and stood up. “No. It’s only happened once before.”

“Then this must be a special occasion,” Adaora mused as she stood too.

“It is.” She started walking towards the cave.