Alien Fuck Fantasies

Alien Fuck Fantasies

Alien Fuck Fantasies

Some fantasies are based in reality but others, like having sex with aliens, aren’t based in reality at all. I decided that I wanted to bring up some possible problems with the concept of having sex with an alien life form.

I think it’s interesting that some people have fantasies about having sex with aliens. If you look at comic or cartoon pictures, of these kind of things, then it seems that the expectation is that the aliens will have genitals similar to ours. Well I want to propose that maybe, that might not be to the case. Just look at some of the animals living here, on earth. Like cats, from what I have learned, the males have something like barbs on their dicks that supposedly scratch the inside of the female feline’s ‘pussy.’ Some theorize that this causes the female to release her ova. Well, what if an alien has a similar penis to a cat? But you don’t find out until you are fucking it and experiencing a lot of pain. Imagine if the barbs on its dick don’t come out until orgasm.

What if the female of an alien breed, that looks human, actually has teeth or something like that, and as she is fucking some unfortunate guy suddenly her pussy sucks in the guys cock and balls and bites them off? I do seem to recall that in some insects, something similar to this does happen.

What if by some strange chance – there is an alien species that has fingers for sexual organs? That wouldn’t be as bad, and would make finger fucking more sensible.

I think it would be unfortunate if there is an alien that is venomous and, like certain types of spiders, kills their mates after fucking. I would hope that the sex, with such an alien, would feel really good. Because if it was really shitty sex, I can’t imagine that it would be worth your life.

If the best sex you could have comes from an alien, that was so ugly to look at it made you want to vomit, would you still fuck it? Maybe you would if you took a lesson from South Park, and you used Chef’s sexual enhancement product. This would be putting a paper bag over the head of the alien, or perhaps over your own, so you can’t see the alien who you’re fucking. But if the alien smells as bad as it looks, then I guess you would have to wear a nose plug too and take a long hot bath or shower after.

Another thought is – what if the fluids from the alien are acidic to humans? So if you’re a guy fucking one, your dick could get eaten away and you’re a girl fucking one, then all the sudden you will feel like you’re being eaten from the inside out.

In all honesty, I would hope that most of these kinds of things would be obvious and that people would study an alien life form before engaging in sexual acts with them, in order to avoid tragedy from striking. But the scarier thing, to me, wouldn’t be barbs or physical differences; it would be the diseases that they would carry. Diseases that we have never experienced. Even here on Earth, entire races have been devastated by such things. So just one alien visiting our planet could theoretically do us massive harm, without a single shot being fired.

I do kind of wonder how far this fantasy goes. Does it only goes as far as people having sex with humanoid type aliens, such as the Greys? What about an alien that looks human in shape, but has the skin of a lizard. Is the human-ish look all that matters? If like a snake, or a lizard, or an alien had something like two penises, would you try to fuck it?

What if they actually had both sex organs, male and female, would you want to have a threesome with one? A guy fucking its pussy, while it fucked a girl? Are there many people who, when presented with something like that, would be weirded out and would have to leave? How many people would be excited by this?

Wouldn’t it be bizarre if you could fuck an alien and get it knocked up, but, instead of giving birth, it laid an egg? I know if you try to cross a boa with a python, it won’t work because boas give birth and pythons lay eggs. So if a human fucked an alien and it laid an egg, it would truly go against the way we know things to work and, chances are, scientists would probably say it isn’t possible for that to happen. I say that it may be highly improbable, but that does not mean that it is impossible.

While I did make a number of jokes about this topic, I can’t say I really care for this type of fantasy. Although it is interesting to look at the comics that are based on this kind of thing, it usually seems to fall under a kind of rape theme too (like a person being abducted, and tied down to a table, and raped, or probed.)

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