9 Greatest Human-Alien Sex Scenes

9 Greatest Human-Alien Sex Scenes

9 Greatest Human-Alien Sex Scenes

Alien movies have been around for a while. People have been wondering whether we are alone in the universe, and eventually, they started asking real questions. What is alien sex like? Here, we will go through some of the greatest human-alien sex scenes you can find.

Steve Guttenberg Gets a Burst of Sex in ‘Cocoon’ (1985)

The movie “Cocoon” follows a story about a group of aliens far away from their home planet. Twenty of them were left behind when Atlantis sank, and we see them waking up and disguising themselves as humans.

Aside from Steve Guttenberg, the main protagonist of this scene is Tahnee Welch. While some might expect some hot human on alien action, their species have sex in a different way. Once things get heated up, Kitty, played by Welch, releases a burst of energy that hits Jack Bonner (played by Guttenberg). While it might not be the most explicit sex scene in the history of the cinema, we get a nice view of Tahnee Welch in a bikini.

Kim Basinger Learns About Sex in ‘My Stepmother Is an Alien’ (1988)

You probably remember this movie starring Dan Aykroyd and Kim Basinger. To refresh your memory, Kim plays the role of Celeste Martin, and her job is to discover the source of the signal arriving at her planet. Her only companion is known as Bag, and it is a tentacle alien living in a purse.

This particular scene focuses on Celeste trying to learn what sex is with the help of Bag. After reviewing a couple of nudie magazines and softcore movies, she proceeds to seduce Steven Mills (played by Aykroyd), ending with a hot scene that became an instant classic. Of course, since the movie is a science-fiction comedy, the climax is accompanied by fireworks.

Geek Loses Virginity to Evil Alien in ‘Evil Aliens’ (2005)

“Evil Aliens” is a British horror-comedy from 2005, and it’s filled with gore and violence (as any decent horror movie). But it also offers a couple of interesting sex scenes. The one we will focus on here happens between an alien and a guy who has never had sex before. It’s quite funny how he goes from being scared to being horny, and it reminds us of all those guys going to different conventions.

It’s not hard to imagine them in the same scenario, and there is no doubt that they would be willing to have sex with a strange-looking alien from another planet. At least the alien in this movie has beautiful breasts.

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Natasha Henstridge Finally Loses Her Virginity in ‘Species’ (1995)

“Species” is an interesting movie. While it wasn’t received with praises, it still managed to inspire a couple of sequels, novels, and comic books. It was also noticeable as Natasha Henstridge’s first role. The movie is filled with stars like Ben Kingsley, Forest Whitaker, Michael Madsen, and others. However, no one managed to steal the spotlight from Natasha Henstridge and her skin.

The movie gives us a few looks at her naked body, but the final sex scene steals the show. Of course, there are still a few people who wouldn’t want to be in Alfred Molina’s skin since he ends up being killed after the coitus.

Geena Davis Gives in to Shaved Jeff Goldblum in ‘Earth Girls Are Easy’ (1989)

“Earth Girls Are Easy” is one strange movie. It starts with three aliens played by Jeff Goldblum, Jim Carrey, and Damon Wayans arriving on Earth. They look a bit like furries, and each is a different color. After a makeover (complete shave), they start looking like regular humans. Of course, no one could say that Jeff Goldblum is a regular human, but you get the point.

Eventually, Geena Davis and Goldblum end up together in a softcore, non-revealing sex scene. While it’s not as steamy as some entries on the list, it is worth checking out.

Steve Vincent Thinks Earth Girls Are Ugly in ‘Space-Thing’ (1968)

The next on the list of weird movies is “Space-Thing” from 1968. Someone would have a hard time describing the plot of this movie, and it seems like a bad parody of Sci-Fi movies of the era. Our protagonist falls asleep at the beginning of the movie, and the rest is his fantasies and dreams. As you can probably guess, there is a ton of nudity and sex in the film.

It’s hard to take it seriously, especially seeing it today. “Space-Thing” is on the verge of being so bad that it is actually good.

David Bowie Shoots Blanks in ‘The Man Who Fell to Earth’ (1976)

Another British SF movie on the list is “The Man Who Fell to Earth.” If you wonder how strange it is, we will say that the main actor is none other than the magnificent David Bowie. He is a humanoid alien who becomes a victim of human vices.

There are a couple of scenes involving nudity, but the most memorable one involves a gun. Our beloved alien buys a gun, and he and Candy Clark keep shooting blanks during sex. It is an unusual and strange scene, but if aliens really exist, there is a high chance that their intercourse is a bit different than ours.

Starman Gave Karen Allen a Baby Last Night in ‘Starman’ (1984)

We had aliens looking like humans and aliens looking like, well, aliens. But in “Starman,” we have a whole new experience. The movie revolves around Starman (played by Jeff Bridges). He comes to Earth and uses a lock of hair from Scott Hayden. Now, the funny thing is that Scott is dead. Starman takes the form of Scott thanks to cloning and advanced alien technology, and eventually, Jenny Hayden falls in love with him (wife of the deceased Scott).

All things considered, Starman is another unusual movie that plays with the idea of humans having sex with aliens. Of course, the most memorable line comes after sex when Starman says that he gave her a baby last night.

Woman Discovers She’s Screwing an Alien in ‘They Live’ (1988)

Last but not least is “They Live,” which is another movie by John Carpenter (the previous entry on the list was also his movie). The movie follows an unnamed character who manages to find a special pair of glasses. With them, he is able to see aliens that have infiltrated our planet and live among us.

The alien race controls everything by mass media, and our protagonist eventually finds a way to shut it down. While there isn’t a full-blown sex scene, it is still funny how near the end of the movie, we see a girl having sex with a guy who turns out to be an alien.

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