4 Ways To Keep Your Prostate Healthy

4 Ways To Keep Your Prostate Healthy

4 Ways To Keep Your Prostate Healthy

Many cancer patients suffer from physical and mental exhaustion during or after the illness. Related impulses and powerlessness can have a strong negative impact on the daily life and the quality of life of the person concerned.

The fatigue syndrome, which can lead to limitations in physical and mental performance in many patients with cancer, is referred to as fatigue. Although those affected sleep regularly and adequately, the extreme tiredness during the day persists and thus has a negative impact on everyday life.

Due to the severe physical and psychological burden of cancer, many patients are affected by fatigue. According to the Cancer Society, up to 90 percent suffer from temporary symptoms in the course of their illness. If the symptoms persist for months or even years, chronic fatigue is estimated to affect 20 to 50 percent of patients.

Varied symptoms

The symptoms that patients experience as part of fatigue can be very different, physical as well as emotional or mental. Some sufferers have only a few, others many problems.Fatigue symptoms include:

  • Persistent fatigue, drowsiness and fatigue,
  • Listlessness and lack of drive,
  • Reduced physical performance and weakness,
  • Loss of motivation and energy,
  • Sadness, disinterest, fear and frustration,
  • Concentration disorders and slowed thinking.

If a patient describes to the attending physician his symptoms, which limit the daily routine and the quality of life, the intensity of the fatigue can be clarified and classified by means of special questionnaires and scales. Thus, a distinction is made between mild, moderate and severe fatigue.

Possible causes

As numerous as the symptoms of fatigue are, so many are the possible causes of the syndrome. Above all, the extreme mental and physical stress caused by the cancer is responsible for the declining energy. Furthermore, altered metabolic processes and disorders, nerve damage or malnutrition may be the cause of the symptoms. And the therapies used to fight the tumour can also lead to fatigue: For example, a recent study shows that prostate cancer patients who have undergone radiotherapy and hormone therapy can still suffer from fatigue for a long time after therapy,even after surgery or chemotherapy it can come to the complaints.

This is probably mainly due to the therapy-related reduction of red blood cells and the associated anaemia. It leads to the fact that the organs are no longer sufficiently supplied with oxygen and thus the body is weakened. Last but not least, medications such as analgesics can make you tired and limit your performance.

Many patients are likely to have multiple factors. In principle, therefore, the various treatment options for cancer therapy should be considered as leading to fatigue. If in doubt, the patient should ask the doctor and clarify possible strategies to relieve fatigue.

What to do?

There is no patent remedy to combat fatigue syndrome suitable for all patients. Instead, an individualized treatment plan must be developed for each individual, depending on the nature and severity of their condition, starting with the intensive education of the patient and his relatives.

For some sufferers, even small measures are sufficient, such as relaxation techniques or a regular sleep pattern. In addition, medication and especially psychotherapy can help. It should address the fears and feelings associated with cancer, relieve stress, resolve conflicts and change behaviours that may promote fatigue.

In addition, those affected should learn to divide their strengths and adapt them to the needs of everyday life. It can help a fatigue diary, in which the daily routine and the respective physical and mental condition are noted. So you can tell when you feel fit enough for which activity.

Be active

And very important for all cancer patients, no matter how strong their fatigue is: regular physical activity. Numerous studies show that exercise can relieve the symptoms of the syndrome. This is mainly due to the fact that a physical exercise both the condition and the physical strength – by the increase in muscle mass – be increased. Add to that the positive psychic aspect of sport.

However, especially at the beginning of the activity, care should be taken that the training is adapted to the physical performance and the patient does not exaggerate it. As a rule of thumb, the stronger the fatigue, the easier the exercise should be. If the symptoms improve, the stress can be increased over time. Especially suitable for cancer patients with fatigue are endurance sports such as walking, jogging, swimming or cycling.

Tips for relatives

Often it is difficult for family and friends to understand non-visible symptoms, such as mental health problems and fatigue symptom especially if they persist after surviving prostate exhaustion. It is all the more important that relatives try to understand the current condition of the person concerned and to support him. If necessary, a joint psychotherapy can help.

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