How to Keep Your Prostate Healthy

How to Keep Your Prostate Healthy

How to Keep Your Prostate Healthy

Keeping your prostate healthy is easy… or not — depending on how you want to approach it. The only obstacle is how much energy you want to invest. Diseases that come if you ignore your prostate might sound scary, but most of them are easily fixable. Except maybe prostate cancer. 


However, that isn’t something you should worry about. Why? Because we’re here to tell you all about how to stay healthy! And feel free to pass this knowledge along — men need to stick together too, and your bros will be thankful. 


Proper Diet

If you love food, the thought of eating healthy might scare you. Don’t worry, though. It’s much easier than you think. Eating healthy doesn’t necessarily mean giving up all the food you hold dear. It merely means you need to be mindful if you want top-notch prostate health… or just health in general. 


We did say it’s easy, so here’s what you need to know. Developing healthy eating patterns is much more vital than focusing on specific foods. You know, stuff like eating a particular number of times a day instead of eating more greens. Now that we mentioned the greens, definitely eat them! And focus on those dark ones like broccoli! Oh, come on; it’s not that bad. Lots of fruit needs to be in the mix too. 

Do you know about whole grain foods? Because you need them too. What about sweets? Yeah, you know about them for sure. Try to limit sugar AND salt intake. Leave salt alone for some time and try to explore other seasonings. Last but not least — portion sizes. You see your favorite food in front of you, and you make it your mission to eat it ALL. No. Please, don’t do that. 

Maintaining an Active Lifestyle

Now, we’re not saying you need to train rigorously every single day. Not at all. Exercise can mean lots of things. 


Whatever you want to do, it’s essential not to overwork yourself. Leading an active lifestyle might sound like a drag if you’re not a fan, but it’s easy. Do you take walks every day or cycle occasionally? Then congratulations! You have an active lifestyle. Yes, it’s that simple. If you don’t have those habits, try changing that.


Staying active reduces the risk of other diseases too — not just prostate-related ones. For example, prostate cancer. Did you know that in the U.S., one in seven men will get diagnosed with PC in their lifetime? 


Studies have shown that aerobic exercises are best for keeping your prostate healthy. Maintaining a normal weight is also imperative. It was proven that extra pounds could cause more prostate issues, so we don’t say that lightly. 


Finally, did you know the prostate is related to sex? Erectile dysfunction isn’t uncommon, and most men find that embarrassing. Do you know what fixes that? Running. Running reduces the chances of you saying: “This has never happened before.” Therefore, being active in some way helps keep you active in another.

Prostate Massage

Some of you will need to buckle up for this one. We know a lot of men feel shame regarding anything going up their butts for any purpose. We know there’s a lot of stigma and stereotypes around it; it’s a taboo. However, we promise that, if you try this, you will never look back.


You can do a prostate massage for two reasons: medical and pleasure. You can also do it in two ways: with your fingers or a prostate massager. What you’ll need is a lot of lube and some time alone. Sound familiar? 


Approach this type of massage carefully. Your rectum is prone to soreness and cuts if you really go at it. In this case, slow and easy does it. Prostate massage can perfectly well be done with fingers, but why not get fancy? We understand why you might be put off by that idea. A prostate massager is essentially a butt plug for men. However, it can help test for prostate cancer and prostatitis. 


Of course, it can also help you reach orgasms easier and reinvigorate your sex life. Oh, that interests you? Don’t be scared to be a little adventurous. You never know what it may bring!


Prostate health, as well as your overall health, needs attention. Most of the time, our well-being kind of maintains itself. We stay healthy by eating quality food and, say, doing sports. Sometimes, though, things can go south. Suddenly, we might end up struggling to figure out what to do and what not to do. 


That is especially the case when it comes to our prostates. More and more men every day are having problems with it. Luckily, we’ve mentioned a few ways you can help keep your prostate healthy! They are most effective if used in conjunction with each other. So don’t hesitate, but change your lifestyle, eat healthy food, and invest in a prostate massager. What? Still reluctant about our last entry? There’s no reason to be ashamed. And besides, that can be your little secret!

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