Year: 2019

What Are The Things To Consider When Looking Fo The Perfect Butt Plug for Roleplay?

Choosing is always a real headache. When it comes to an anal plug, it requires experience, some personal judgment. Of course, you cannot buy it on a simple whim. You have to know each other so that it does not end up in the bottom of the drawer without ever serving. In fact, the anal plug is a sex toy shaped conical to introduce into the anus to stimulate it. A sex toy that consists of preparing for the impending anal sex penetration of her partner.An accessory that serves to excite his user. Its purpose is not only to stimulate…

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4 Ways To Keep Your Prostate Healthy

Many cancer patients suffer from physical and mental exhaustion during or after the illness. Related impulses and powerlessness can have a strong negative impact on the daily life and the quality of life of the person concerned. The fatigue syndrome, which can lead to limitations in physical and mental performance in many patients with cancer, is referred to as fatigue. Although those affected sleep regularly and adequately, the extreme tiredness during the day persists and thus has a negative impact on everyday life. Due to the severe physical and psychological burden of cancer, many patients are affected by fatigue. According…

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Chastity Guide for Beginners: How To Put On Chastity Cage

How the Chastity Cage Really Comes into Use The chastity cage comes from the BDSM area and serves there as a tool for pleasurable punishment and chastisement in role-playing games. The wearer is deprived of control of his genitals by wearing the chastity cage, which is very exciting for some people. But of course, the chastity cage can also be used as an exciting toy just to bring some more fire in the foreplay. Both Chastity cages formen, both the best piece and the testicles are forced through a ring in a small cage, which can then be locked and…

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